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Letters from our readers

2019 News of the Year

[Dec. 28] The photos in the 2019 News of the Year issue were stunning.—Stephen Kemp/Ames, Iowa

2019 Deaths

[Dec. 28] It is quite dramatic, to say the least, to envision the host of personalities listed and pictured in this article coming face to face with truth upon their last breath.—Stephen Leonard/Vidalia, Ga.

Christian and Democrat

[Dec. 28] Thank you so much for this interview. The black community is strongly Christian and overwhelmingly Democrat, and it’s not because they’re all deceived.—Andrew Wong on Facebook

Justin Giboney sees his position in the Democratic Party as a way to support human flourishing and human dignity? Really? Tell that to all the babies Democrats delight in aborting, not to mention all the blatant sexual sin the party actively promotes.—Tina Hollenbeck on Facebook

Our faith should not be in politicians, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be caught up in the hype and the hysteria.—Dennis W. Lauver/Clinton, Iowa

Dead lift serious

[Dec. 28] I wonder how men who compete as women live with themselves, cheating as they do. Stelzer is taking on this battle, and we can support her through prayer.—Sandra Jepson Johansen on Facebook

For those who think men should compete as women, apparently 2 plus 2 equals 5. We are living in the United States of Orwell.—Rich Asper on

Eternity of oblivion?

[Dec. 28] To live without hope would truly be a miserable existence. May atheist Michael Ruse continue searching until he finds the answer to his question: Jesus Christ as Savior.—Janet Johnson on

Big plans

[Dec. 28] As a middle-school teacher, I’m very happy about the prospect of WORLD Watch! I would definitely use it in the classroom to help with current events.—Darren Renner on

In the moment

[Dec. 28] At times I’m tempted to eat dessert first, but I always save Andrée Seu Peterson’s column for the last treat of each issue. Well said.—Barbara DeVault/Lakeland, Fla.

One-child nation

[Dec. 28] I found this documentary insightful, deeply disturbing, and heart-wrenching. I pray we will one day soon extend to human babies the same merciful compassion that we shower upon animals.—Karen Davis/Exton, Pa.

Muscling in

[Dec. 7] Thank you for Ray Hacke’s article on biological men winning women’s sports. We don’t tell anorexia patients that their feeling of being overweight is real; the same should be true for the mental illness of transgenderism. The goal should be to restore the person to physical reality through counseling rather than reinforcing gender dysphoria.—John Wiester/Buellton, Calif.

In the house of mourning

[Dec. 7] I was very moved by Mindy Belz’s column regarding the Nov. 11 bombing in Syria, and by her compassionate response in reaching out to Amer Mohamed Said Berlan’s family. I find it difficult to follow Middle East events and greatly appreciate your balanced and thoughtful reporting, both in WORLD and on The World and Everything in It.—Becky Rubio/Oak Park, Ill.

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Christian and Democrat

[Dec. 28] Changing organizations caught in groupthink happens internally, not through external pressure. We should applaud WORLD’s efforts in covering someone like Gaiboney.—Aggie Paff on Facebook

Bible-believing Christians should remain independent. Neither party has earned our vote. While one party more closely aligns with Biblical values, neither party completely represents Biblical Christianity.—Grim Shelly on Facebook

Dead lift serious

[Dec. 28] Powerlifter Beth Seltzer, who is advocating for biology-based standards for women’s sports, demonstrates much more than physical strength. She has courage to stand up to foes who have no intention of playing fair.—Cheryl Irish/Bastrop, Texas

Events, trends, oozes

[Dec. 28] Brother Andrew once told our missionary group, “China is not a Communist country; it is a country oppressed by the Communists.” Referring to “Chinese Communists’ one-child policy” instead of “China’s one-child policy” would honor our persecuted brothers and sisters by making it clear that many Chinese are not willingly cooperating.—Donald McKay/Sheridan, Ore.

[Dec. 28] Thanks to Marvin Olasky for a good opening dispatch. Active membership in the American Psychological Association might just indicate a psychosis all its own. Its members’ views of human sexuality are certain to damage generations to come who follow their counsel.—Bob Barnes on

Eternity of oblivion?

[Dec. 28] As Romans says, Ruse knows that God exists. Those who deny Him would rather suppress that truth and live in unrighteousness. I’m praying for him.—Ken Allen on Facebook

The beginning at the end

[Dec. 28] Great thoughts for the beginning of the New Year. Every aspect of our life begins in Him, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end!—Sam Lochinger on

Front-line focus

[Dec. 28] You noted that Free Burma Rangers leader Dave Eubank is “unapologetic” about bringing his family to Syria. I commend his work but question his judgment in bringing his family into potential danger.—David Dileas on

Fortunate sons

[Dec. 7] I loved this column. It is so true, and reminds those of us who lived through the ’50s and ’60s how truly blessed we were.—Sunnie Wagoner on

Seeds of renewal

[Dec. 28] Thank you for the encouraging account of Elias Antar and his orchard in Syria. His return home was a generous decision to lead others down a path of hope. And I loved the history of the pomegranate.—Jonathan Damon/Gap, Pa.