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Books of counsel

Passions of the Heart: Biblical Counsel for Stubborn Sexual Sins

John D. Street

Street, a Biblical counselor, offers hope for escape from enslaving sexual sin. He helps readers find the root of their sin and take Biblical action. As a seasoned pastor who has seen it all, he includes many anecdotes from his counseling experience. The help in this book will only benefit Christians who are ready to work hard and rely on God. Street writes in the first chapter, “If you are more concerned about the consequences of acknowledging your sin than of the purity of your own heart, then your heart is not ready for change.”

Sufficient Hope: Gospel Meditations and Prayers for Moms

Christina Fox

Despite its many joys, motherhood can be lonely, thankless work. Fox reminds fellow mothers that the gospel offers hope for the daily challenges of raising kids. Her book covers struggles like worry, exhaustion, discontentment, and addressing children’s sin. She reminds moms that they are not alone and that the Bible provides a way to overcome these temptations. Each chapter is short and accessible, with a prayer at the end to help moms apply the truth to their situation. Fox shares personal stories and promises from Scripture, while challenging mothers to renew their thinking according to God’s will.

Pursuing a Heart of Wisdom: Counseling Teenagers Biblically

John C. Kwasny

Many assume bad decisions and sinful habits are just part of being a teenager. But the Bible provides everything that we—including teens—need to live godly lives. Kwasny offers a topical resource to help parents and youth leaders teach teens to think Biblically about common struggles. He dives into 15 issues teens often face, including anxiety, identity problems, pornography, and eating disorders. Each chapter gives examples of how the problem can appear, questions to ask, and Biblical principles to apply. Kwasny doesn’t shy from hard topics and gives parents Biblical hope for their teens.

Don’t Lose Heart: Gospel Hope for the Discouraged Soul

Jason Meyer

Pastor Jason Meyer gives Christians good news: “The reasons to take heart are greater than the reasons to lose heart! In other words, we can defeat discouragement because it is only a half-truth.” The first half of the book is “How to Fight for Sight,” and the second is “How to Defeat Despair.” Meyer gives memorable analogies and simple but powerful truths: Christians should “check the score” when the devil gets a victory in their lives, remembering ultimately he is already defeated. This short, 147-page book is warm and readable and a helpful resource for Christians striving for joy. 


Glenna Marshall (Handout)


Bible stories can comfort Christians in many ways, but Glenna Marshall’s The Promise Is His Presence: Why God Is Always Enough (P&R, 2019) guides readers to focus on one specific truth: God’s presence with His people. Through examples in Scripture, she shows that God does not always explain why His people suffer, but He always promises to be with them. God’s presence is the only answer given and the only answer needed. Throughout the book, she describes time after time in her own life when she learned that God’s presence with her made all the difference. This book provides readers with a fresh look at familiar Bible stories, and the simplicity of the profound truth allows readers to find abundant applications on their own. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make it well-suited to a women’s Bible study or as counseling homework. —C.K.