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Letters from our readers


Surrendering to the state

[ Nov. 9 ] The actions of Bethany Christian Services mirror the very weak response of so many churches to cultural pressure. Bethany’s leaders will one day be held to account for these decisions. I pray they will see the error of their ways. —Sven Trenholm on

We were cradle care parents with Bethany for 10 years and adopted our youngest child through the agency. How disappointing to witness their lack of conviction. We have recommended them to others in the past, but no longer. —Nancy Stivers Smith on Facebook

Praise God for St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ stance against government policies requiring placement of children with same-sex couples. —Pat DiPalma / Blairstown, N.J.

A cruel withdrawal

[ Nov. 9 ] An awful day. America just up and left allies in Syria to let an enemy rip them to shreds. This is going to destroy American diplomatic credibility, ruin the progress made against ISIS, and leave a lot of dead Kurdish Christians at the end of it. —John Kloosterman on Facebook

Given the number of armed factions in Syria, a comprehensive cease-fire seems remote. The alternative of a Syria under Bashar al-Assad dominated by Russia and Iran would be unpleasant, but should we accept an evolving, indefinite mission to support one of the remaining factions? —Nolan Nelson / Eugene, Ore.

I’m something of a noninterventionist, but this isn’t nonintervention, particularly when you redirect the troops from the border to protect oil fields and send 2,000 more troops to Saudi Arabia. —Nathan Carpenter on Facebook

Calling it quits

[ Nov. 9 ] With limited resources, the U.S. military cannot sustain an endless presence in the Middle East and be ready for potential conflict with a near-peer competitor like Russia or China. No matter how long we stay, when the U.S. military redeploys, the power players will resume fighting due to long-standing ethnic feuds and the pervasiveness of Islam. —Paul Jaedicke on

Thank you, WORLD, for nonpartisan truth-telling. You are remaining true to your calling, not to a political agenda. —Jarrett Meek on Facebook

Prayers for NPR?

[ Nov. 9 ] I completely agree with Joel Belz that NPR’s values are heavily tilted against the values of the Bible. Our tax dollars should never support this propaganda. —Kathy Connors / Medina, Wash.

I listen to NPR once in a while, until I get disgusted that I’m helping support it. It operates as a religious organization, and the religion is secular humanism. —Christine Hancock on Facebook

I enjoy many of NPR’s programs. I don’t think it’s accurate to call it an “arm of government” because it gets a small percentage of its funding from government. —Chris Worley / Alexandria, Minn.

Anatomy of the problem

[ Nov. 9 ] I wholeheartedly accept Andrée Seu Peterson’s invitation to “Rage, rage against the dimming of the light.” Gender is a gift from our Creator. No amount of wokeness can purge the DNA given us at conception. We are all created in His image, a fact against which the nations rage and the heathens plot in vain. —Darla Dykstra / Kansas City, Mo.

I can identify with being on the “cultural caboose.” I don’t even know what being “woke” means. I remember when the gender reveal was when the smiling father handed you a stogie with either a blue or pink band. —Rick Rosetto on

Life trajectory

[ Nov. 9 ] Thank you for the update on Dr. Joe McIlhaney. Because of those old Focus on the Family programs I bought his book Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I still have it, and his warnings have largely gone unheeded. A large part of my work as a lab tech is STD testing. The assumption is that everyone is sexually active and needs to be tested, and many are positive. —Carol Blair / Gladewater, Texas

Cosmic conflict

[ Nov. 9 ] Thank you for this interview with John Peckham. Educated American adults think “blaming the devil” is archaic and foolish. The younger generation is obsessed with horror, fantasy, and the macabre—even down to kindergartners—but at least it prepares them to take the supernatural at face value. It is up to believers to expose the works of Satan while demonstrating the power of God. —Leah Beecher / Avoca, N.Y.

Why does God allow evil? He created us to love and be loved by Him. Love requires a choice; without the option to reject God’s love, it’s not love, it’s programming. —Bob Renckly on

State of servitude

[ Nov. 9 ] I appreciated Marvin Olasky’s sobering warning about socialism leading to another form of slavery. Under a socialistic system we would look in a new light at Paul’s instruction to regard masters as “worthy of all honor” so that “the name of God and our doctrine will not be reviled.” May we defend the principles of sound governance and emulate Christ despite election outcomes. —Howard Owens / Flintstone, Ga.

‘We were always together’

[ Nov. 9 ] As a young married person, it’s tempting in the face of busy days (work, kid, kid’s laundry) to look forward to those happy golden years of retirement to spend with your spouse. This profile is a reminder to young couples that the future is not guaranteed and we ought to enjoy one another now. —Pauline Marie Ferrill on Facebook

Little Mogadishu on the Mississippi

[ Nov. 9 ] As a Minnesota resident and a sometime participant in the Somali Adult Literacy Training program, I’m very grateful for your coverage on the Somali community here. It captured well their entrepreneurial spirit and their determination to live in safety. —Steve Lazicki / Faribault, Minn.


Greg and Robin Reynolds spent 40 years in the ministry and now live in New Hampshire. Greg continues to preach frequently (“Married to the minister,” Nov. 23, p. 59).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Surrendering to the state

[ Nov. 9 ] Bethany is wrong to succumb to politically correct pressure. It’s like politicians or voters who say they are pro-life but don’t want to force their beliefs on others. Do others have the right to force their beliefs on us? —Bob Francis / Wakefield, Mass.

A cruel withdrawal

[ Nov. 9 ] I pray, almost in anguish, for our brothers and sisters in Syria, and for the Kurds who have been such strong allies. Why would our government withdraw and seemingly abandon allies and vulnerable citizens? —Karen Woods / Muskegon, Mich.

Calling it quits

[ Nov. 9 ] God often uses events, people, and calamities for His good purpose. We have to give thanks all the time because God is in control, refugees and all. —Rose Gringgu Nieman on Facebook


[ Nov. 9 ] You should not refer to Ellen DeGeneres’ homosexual relationship as a “same-sex marriage.” Those relationships are not and never will constitute marriage. You should reread 1984 and consider whether you’re helping send the true meaning of marriage down the memory hole. —Melvin C. McDowell / Everett, Pa.

Anatomy of the problem

[ Nov. 9 ] Once again a cultural fad has come and gone and I missed it altogether. It makes me wonder, why in the world would I adopt the word “woke”? Who gets to choose how to manipulate my vocabulary? —Craig D. Henry on

Renting for one

[ Nov. 9 ] The decay of marriage is one reason more people live alone. That results in more energy use and more CO2 emissions. Will those who tell us the planet is doomed unless we address climate change advocate a return to a healthy marriage culture to help save the planet? I’m not holding my carbon dioxide–laced breath. —Errol Todd Ryan / Albuquerque, N.M.

‘We were always together’

[ Nov. 9 ] Dad cared for Mom for over a decade until they moved into a memory unit together. A few weeks later mom had a stroke and recovered in heaven. Dad joined her in January. They were married for 59 years. This story touched my heart. God bless this man. —Lois Droegemeier on