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Letters from our readers


An easy ‘A’

[ Sept. 28 ] Thank you for a great article. I have always thought that the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability was digging deep into the financial practices of the groups it certifies, but evidently it is not. —Kristofer Sandlund / Zanesville, Ohio

I was taken aback by your article’s negative tone almost as much as by Dan Busby’s failure to respond directly. The ECFA provides very good resources at low or no cost to help nonprofits navigate difficult financial, legal, and tax situations. —Scott North / Greensboro, N.C.

Your Caleb Team is attacking a fine Christian organization that God has blessed for 40 years. —Allen Beltle / Brick, N.J.

I used to read your articles revealing shortcomings in well-known ministries and think, “Why are you tearing that ministry to pieces?” I have since realized they are thoughtful and reliable articles that help believers minister Biblically. I will continue to pray for WORLD. —Richard L. Kennedy / Penney Farms, Fla.

As a CPA, I am extremely disappointed. It’s fine to point out questions or concerns, but the article was harsh and one-sided. Regarding how the ECFA described the National Religious Broadcasters’ problems, welcome to the world of legal verbiage. Did you expect it to say, “Don’t contribute to the NRB”? That would invite a lawsuit. —David Beroth / Charlotte, N.C.

Good reporting, although I question whether the Better Business Bureau is as rigorous as you imply. Many years ago I relied on BBB references, to my detriment, and eventually concluded that the BBB seal means little more than “fees paid.” —Tim Richards / Sequim, Wash.

A bad day in court

[ Sept. 28 ] Your series on the southern border crisis talks about how tough the president’s policies are but not about the causes. Congress will not fix the laws, fund the necessary facilities, or fund a border wall. Meanwhile Democrats promising welfare and healthcare entice people to use children as a ticket through our process. —Bob Fetterly / Easley, S.C.

Central American asylum-seekers should be able to seek asylum in the first country they enter so they could avoid the dangerous journey through Mexico. The “Remain in Mexico” policy is complicated because we must carefully screen out those who would harm our country and its citizens. —Igor Shpudejko / Goodyear, Ariz.

I usually have nothing but kudos for WORLD but am extremely disappointed with your series on migrants. It would have been more enlightening to hear also from ICE agents or about those who had been killed by illegal immigrants. —Paul J. Perrone / Springfield, Va.

Charity choices

[ Sept. 28 ] I’ll add other questions for evaluating charities: Does it honor the $15 donation from the poor widow by ensuring that its compensation scale is appropriate? Are office, travel, conference expenses modest or extravagant? —Allen Johnson on

Everyone should ask these questions before giving to any organization: What percentage of my donation is actually going to the work? Are there examples of the work? Is there evidence that lives have been changed? —Randy Crews on

Dangerous descent

[ Sept. 28 ] Darwinism and its big brothers materialism, naturalism, and scientism are a significant reason for the decline of Christianity in the Western world. Apparently, our church leaders have largely failed to equip the flocks with the truths that contradict these sterile “isms.”—Phil Snider / Hicksville, Ohio

The Spy Behind Home Plate

[ Sept. 28 ] I enjoyed your review. Moe Berg was brilliant as a scholar and catcher, but his bat was not quite as great. His roommate once remarked that Moe could speak several languages, but “he can’t hit in any of them.” —Glen Reeves / Weiser, Idaho


[ Sept. 28 ] Your snippet on the death of Robert Mugabe left out one of the worst consequences of his rule. His policies redistributing the land of white farmers to his own people shut down the breadbasket of southern Africa and led to widespread starvation. —Robert S. Wissolik / Lafayette, Colo.

Five years after Ebola

[ Sept. 28 ] This article and “Scars to heal” were exceptional. The Writebols are examples of Christ’s love to Liberia. —Jane Holcombe / North Richland Hills, Texas

Help is [still, maybe] on the way

[ Sept. 28 ] This is just another example of how the government wastes our money. Government is not the answer to our problems. —Janet Johnson on

Young, black, and conservative

[ Sept. 28 ] As a longtime, black reader of WORLD and newer listener to the WORLD Radio podcast (love it!), I’m encouraged by the diversity of your staff and the increasing number of stories highlighting achievement and influence from minority communities. I often feel like a political unicorn but don’t have time for the condescension of those who feign shock that an American of color is proud of her ethnic heritage and a thinking conservative. —Danette Matty / Lincoln, Neb.

Dilemma 2020

[ Sept. 14 ] There is no dilemma. President Trump’s policies have done more for the country than any recent president. My personal prayer is that he wins reelection and continues to bring real change to the nation. —Bill Russell / Brighton, Mich.

I sent a subscription of WORLD to my friend in a federal prison. He wrote, “Oh yeah, they love it. I pass it around to quite a few people in my unit. … I would love for WORLD to know that the magazine is VERY popular in Pekin prison.” —Margaret Kistler / Gibson, Iowa


Only one of Keanakay Scott’s siblings entered foster care with her when Scott was 4. Scott has two children (“Fatherless and homeless,” Oct. 26).


Some 6,000 to 10,000 Iranian refugees in Turkey claim to be Christians, according to Rob Duncan (“A climate of insecurity,” Oct. 26).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

A bad day in court

Sept. 28 ] This article helpfully showed part of what is going on, but leaves the impression that the “Remain in Mexico” program achieves nothing positive. Because Democrats refuse to reform the law, the only way around the “catch and release” fiasco is not to let asylum-seekers in before their cases are resolved. I see no other way to control the border. —Vic Tripp / Tucker, Ga.

The plight of many of these people is very sad and difficult, but the reason for the harsh treatment is that so many asylum-seekers allowed into the country to await their court date simply don’t show up. —Bill Powers on

On making lists

Sept. 28 ] After all these years I now realize why I’ve enjoyed Andrée Seu Peterson’s musings. My desk is never without that paper daily to-do list, my computer opens first thing to a list of daily Bible readings, and my iPhone has my prayer list and appointments. —Joe LoGiudice / Lakewood, Calif.

Young, black, and conservative

Sept. 28 ] It’s refreshing and inspiring to see young people with the courage to think for themselves. What a shame they don’t have a worthier champion than Donald Trump. —W. Wade Stooksberry II / Macon, Ga.

Dilemma 2020

Sept. 14 ] Trump is arguably the most pro-life president we have ever had and the Democratic candidates are arguably the most pro-death ever. This is an absolute no-brainer. —Joe Marincel / Flower Mound, Texas

President Trump is still not righteous enough for WORLD. I have never received more for my vote than I have in the last two years. Other presidents have run as morally upright citizens on a conservative platform only to bow to liberal pressure, but Trump has delivered more than he promised, from judicial appointments to his support for life and religious freedom. —Thomas Udager / Rapid City, S.D.

We take issue with referring to Trump as the “lesser of two evils.” He has matured tremendously and has surrounded himself with believers. —Bob Laughlin / Montecito, Calif.

Can you folks never admit that you were wrong about Trump? You may not like his persona, but he gets things done and gives Christians support they have not seen in decades. —Jerry Doyle / Sheboygan, Wis.