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By the numbers

By the numbers

$17 billion

The market value of Canada’s top five cannabis companies in October amid a marijuana investment bust. Last year, the same companies were worth $40 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The share of millennials who identify as Christian, according to Pew Research Center, making them the first non-majority-Christian generation in American history.

$422 million

The estimated amount trial lawyers and others spent on nearly 6.9 million local ads soliciting clients in the first half of 2019, according to the American Tort Reform Association.


The finishing time for 34-year-old distance running legend Eliud Kipchoge in an unofficial marathon in Austria on Oct. 12, making him the first known person to finish a marathon in under two hours.

52 billion

The number of minutes Netflix subscribers spent streaming The Office in 2018, making it the site’s most-watched show.