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Letters from our readers


Pulling back the curtain

[ Aug. 17 ] Regarding this excellent article about company CEOs who signed the “Don’t Ban Equality” ad, it’s interesting that Kristin Hull saw no downside to signing because she “wouldn’t want to work with” people who don’t share her values. Does she consider her stand any different than declining to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple? —Jeanene Burns / Clarksville, Ark.

Pressuring women

[ Aug. 17 ] The comment that fatherhood rarely interrupts men’s careers does not sit well with me. I have given up many opportunities in my career because they would have hurt my family, and so have many other fathers. —Philip Coyle / Hazle Township, Pa.

Leaving hate behind

[ Aug. 17 ] Thank you for this enlightening insight into the formation of people who join hate groups. I will add this to my prayer list. Sophia Lee is a treasure. —Kathleen Barrett / Gaston, Ind.

I never tire of reading about how the Lord changes people’s hearts in truly radical ways. Often, we get to be part of that change through relationships.  —Alison Tweed Agnew on Facebook

The fact that the mainstream media sensationalize and exaggerate racism doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’m glad that WORLD faces the facts. —Michael Prewitt on Facebook

Good timing, given the recent shootings. Thank you for reporting honestly while reminding us of our hope in Jesus, who can change hearts and minds no matter how twisted! —Betsy Williams on Facebook

Lee skillfully showed how only the love that enables us to honor the image of God in our enemies heals the festering wound of racism. —Brendan Bossard on

This timely article helps us steer the discussion toward genuine Christianity, which stands firmly against white supremacists who twist Christian terminology to their own ends.  —Daniel McPhearson on

Back to basics

[ Aug. 17 ] I thank God for giving Josh Boehr the courage to deconstruct the youth ministry at his church. As a public-school educator, I get worn down by the pressure to keep kids “engaged” when there is little pressure on the kids to listen and learn. Thank you, once again, for letting me know I am not alone in this upside-down world. —Lee Taylor / Dade City, Fla.

Maybe if leaders communicated our relationship with Christ instead of manufacturing fun or drumming rules into people, they would know how wonderful He really is. —Gwen Rushing on Facebook

There should be a balance. We had fun in my youth group, playing crazy games and hanging out with friends, but my youth pastor was also serious about discipleship and led in-depth Bible studies. —Anna Stewart on Facebook

As they get older, the youth in this article will probably be better able to integrate into their church than many who can’t make the shift from fun and games to a sanctuary full of adults. —Mark & Kim Newhouse on Facebook

We have taken this approach at our small church for the last decade. We have a vibrant, God-loving youth group that is an integral part of our ministries, from greeting to community outreach to reaching out to shut-ins. We are very blessed. —Nancy Schroedl Krizan on Facebook

Too often ministry leaders take their cues from what others are doing rather than looking to the simplicity of the Scriptures. —Cliff Stoltzfus / Cochranville, Pa.

Selected specks

[ Aug. 17 ] Bill Nye the “Science Guy” might consider himself a mere speck who “sucks,” but I am fearfully and wonderfully made. —Michael Small / North Brookfield, Mass.

These are timely thoughts as we plan a trip to far west Texas, far away from any cities. There we’ll have ample opportunity to consider the works of His hands spilled across the dark sky each night. —Penny Palmore Beatty on Facebook

Human Race

[ Aug. 17 ] Josh Harris was devoured by our adversary the devil, and the rest of us should be of sober spirit and on the alert. Many professing Christians throughout history have made the same decision. Our hope is not on fallen men but in our sovereign God.  —Lorena Saruwatari / Camarillo, Calif.

I’m saddened to hear the report about Harris. I can’t live the Christian life on my own either. As Paul wrote, “The life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God.” —A. (Ted) Browne / Martinsburg, W.V.

Madcap mission

[ Aug. 17 ] Thanks for the honest review of The Red Sea Diving Resort. Boy, do I hate it when dumb, unnecessary distractions make people miss an important story. —Christy Davis Nordstrom on Facebook

Off to college

[ Aug. 17 ] Excellent piece. It’s not just that Christian students in college bow to stronger intellects because they are unprepared, but that they bow to the spirit of the age because they lack spiritual wisdom. They don’t know they’re facing a battle, like the generation of Israel that was “unfamiliar with war.” —Suzanna Peterson McDowell on Facebook

Woodstock won

[ Aug. 17 ] We celebrate with memoirs and festivals this highly revised history of the ’60s, all while the tentacles of its deconstruction continue to deceive and destroy us. —India Tornell on Facebook

The shape of fraud

[ Aug. 17 ] I agree that gerrymandering is political abuse. My congressional district is shaped like a huge U and crosses half of Arizona. Driving the entire district on the freeway with no stops takes eight hours. My congressman’s office is a four-hour drive from me, but I can still call him! —Katie Lambert on Facebook

Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

[ Aug. 17 ] The botched investigation doesn’t surprise me. More than 50 years ago I went to college in Potsdam, N.Y., where Phillips was found strangled. Even then the students had a nickname from The Andy Griffith Show for the police: Barney. —Heinrich Erbes / McLean, Va.

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Pulling back the curtain

[ Aug. 17 ] Kristin Hull’s comment makes me wonder when we’ll see a lawsuit against her company like those filed against Masterpiece Cakeshop and Arlene’s Flowers. —Dave Dahlke / Port Orchard, Wash.

Back to basics

[ Aug. 17 ] I am grateful for the effect Young Life and Youth for Christ had on the public school I attended, but as far as encouraging spiritual growth among our youth in church, it was absent. Many of those leaders meant well, but our churches lost sight of the power of God’s Word. —Leslea Canterbury on (edited)