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Letters from our readers


Weapons-grade crisis

[ July 20 ] Recently I was reading Time next to WORLD, and the contrast jumped out at me. You superbly cover stories others barely touch, from Iran’s verified nuclear capability to pro-life Democrats to 21st-century Anglicans to 19th-century Scottish evangelicals. You fill a huge void. —Doug Perkins / Wilmington, Del.

Almighty science?

[ July 20 ] Sadly, many Christian scholars and leaders have adjusted their understanding of the Bible to fit the fad of “theistic evolution.” God’s clear account in Genesis 1 doesn’t need millions of years, reordering, or distorted “evidence” to be true. —Michael DuMez / Oostburg, Wis.

Christians should be among the top proponents of rigorous scientific methodology, but in its proper place as a tool for stewardship. I’ve encountered Christians who have adopted an anti-intellectualism that dismisses science as human wisdom. —Pauline Marie Ferrill on Facebook

Good scientists have humility and understand the limits of science, and most scientists I know fit this description. The people who give too much reverence to science are typically journalists and politicians, who use it to build storylines, philosophies, and public policy. —Scott Rogers / Tucson, Ariz.

A man over the moon

[ July 20 ] As a 14-year-old boy, I wept for joy when Neil Armstrong hopped off the ladder onto the moon’s surface. Your article about Apollo 11 reminded me what a glorious time it was to be growing up in America. —John Boles / Camden, Ala.

Years ago I heard Jim Irwin, who went to the moon on Apollo 15, describe an encounter with God during a moonwalk and how his view of God grew exponentially. His story helped my faith and understanding grow exponentially as well. —Helen Martin on Facebook

Life of the party

[ July 20 ] Excellent article. I often comment on abortion-related articles in mainstream publications and beg moderate Democrats to speak out against the extremism in the party. It might inspire others to know they aren’t alone, but I never see it. —Lisa Aikman Rosendale on Facebook

I have been waiting to hear about liberals who reject the sinful aspects of the Democratic platform. What a hard road to navigate. —Christy Davis Nordstrom on Facebook

Golden state tarnish

[ July 20 ] Praying for those in authority is Biblical, but that doesn’t imply, as Paula White prayed, that those who raise questions about the president are “demonic.” Praise God we have a voice in our government, but we can’t lose sight of our primary mission, which is the Great Commission. —Liz Jones on

Marvin Olasky’s great report on California didn’t mention SB 276. The bill would tighten the state’s immunization requirements and undermine doctor/patient privileges and privacy. Many Democrats are patting their own backs for such heroic action. —Lorena Saruwatari / Camarillo, Calif.

Career and calling

[ July 20 ] Thanks for the article on the Boyds’ Kingdom Home in Uganda. We’ve been drilling wells there for 20 years, and there are many opportunities to serve the people of Uganda. —Barbara & Les Gutzwiller / Harmony, Pa.

There’s more going on here. Many children in Ugandan orphanages have family but are there because of poverty. That’s why the government is focusing on family reunification and promoting adoption. Westerners coming in to run orphanages make this more challenging. —Amy Walters on Facebook

Allies against porn

[ July 20 ] It is wonderful to know that some non-Christians are concerned by the prevalence of pornography in our culture. Libertarians don’t understand that only by the grace of God is there resistance to depravity. —John Degges / Salt Lake City, Utah

Eleven- to 15-year-old children becoming perpetrators of sexual assault is a horror, but it’s not surprising. Porn normalizes perversions and objectifies victims. —Karen Opp LaBarr on Facebook

Dirty fighting

[ July 20 ] If It’s Time to Fight Dirty is a prescription for implementing radical progressive ideas, then it’s also a powerful tool for conservatives to counter them. But things get ugly when God’s people think they have to fight dirty to win. —Ernie Brogdon on Facebook

Historically, politics in republics are dirty, but that’s better than the histories of socialist, monarchist, and militaristic forms of government. Those usually involve assassination and genocide. —Patrick Rowe on Facebook

Glorious by design

[ July 20 ] The problems with the theory of evolution aren’t just “scientific.” Can this theory explain why we are so moved by beauty? Can it explain why we care so much about one tiny bird caught in a screen? —Bob Hinkley on

Land of the alienated

[ July 20 ] Have conservative Christians lost their first love? Are we so busy correcting the heresies of wayward churches that we neglect all the other of the Lord’s commands? I agree with Tim Carney: We need a Great Awakening in our churches. —Tim G. Larsen on

True grit

[ July 20 ] The comment from Rwanda’s Anglican Archbishop Laurent Mbanda was profound: “How do you value me when you don’t value what I believe?” Isn’t this the defining issue of the American culture war? Mbanda’s standard to resolve the Anglican dispute is adherence to the Word of God. Where are our criteria for framing a civil discussion? —Jorge A. Velez / Long Beach, Calif.

The gentle counselor

[ July 20 ] I was one of many blessed to sit under David Powlison’s counseling for a season. Although his left ear was stone deaf, he heard the still, quiet voice of the Spirit in a way few of us ever will. —Karen Davis / Exton, Pa.


China researcher Matthew Robertson pointed out some prisoners have blood-borne illnesses that make their organs ineligible for transplantation (“A fatal harvest,” Aug. 17, p. 40).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Life of the party

[ July 20 ] Pro-life Democrats are so rare because of  “groupthink.” It is one of the many tools that pave the way to socialism. We’re frogs, we’re sitting in the pot, and the water temperature is rising. —Richard Yowell / Troy, Va.

I view the Democratic Party as un-American because its largest planks are abortion, socialism, and lawless immigration. Its leadership seems more radical than its members, but I am glad to see some light in there. —Gregory Samson on Facebook

Dirty fighting

[ July 20 ] The book apparently makes a case for stacking the deck against conservatives and eliminating the GOP as a party. But if that succeeded, the Democratic Party would quickly fracture. —John Cogan on

Search and destroy

[ July 20 ] What a wonderful discovery, that the technology for detecting cancer became a possible cure! —Rhonda Sells on Facebook

Almighty science?

[ July 20 ] I’ve read and listened to Joel Belz for years and appreciated his intelligent articulation of ideas, and his desire for truth. Thank you. —Jonathan Cordes / Chattanooga, Tenn.

Identity matters

[ June 29 ] Christopher Yuan is truly an inspiration, no matter what issues we struggle with in our lives. —Holly McBaird on Facebook

Christopher Yuan has done an excellent job of putting gender and sexuality in its Biblical framework. He is an encouragement to rely on God’s plan for humanity, resisting our temporary cultural deceptions. —Kerry Mumford Montgomery on Facebook