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By the numbers

By the numbers


The number of U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan this year. Three died from a Taliban car bomb attack on April 8.


The number of confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola in an outbreak that began last year in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As of April 2, health officials said 683 people had died.


The number of times Senate Democrats requested more time to debate Trump administration nominees during President Trump’s first two years in office, clogging the legislative calendar. Republicans on April 3 changed Senate rules to shorten debate time on lower-level nominees.

$1.2 billion

The value of a recently uncovered, fraudulent Medicare scheme in which federal investigators say doctors and medical companies billed the U.S. government for unnecessary back, shoulder, wrist, and knee braces.


The number of tennis singles titles Roger Federer has won, including his March 31 victory at the Miami Open. He lacks just eight titles to match Jimmy Connors’ all-time record.


  • Laura W
    Posted: Mon, 04/15/2019 08:42 am

    And I wonder how much of everyone's time that scheme wasted just with the robo-calls.