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Letters from our readers


Against the tide

[ Jan. 19 ] How did the taking of an innocent human life become a matter of preference, convenience, personal finances, or shame? Imagine abortion extended to 5-year-old children—they’re even more of a burden than a baby. —David Westrate / Ellenton, Fla.

I have read your abortion articles for years with a broken heart. The New York law that legalized late-term abortion and removed penalties for botched abortions is beyond disgusting and evil. North Carolina and Indiana have faced travel bans and boycotts due to their pro-family policies. What if pro-lifers refused to visit or do business in New York? Companies headquartered in New York should consider moving elsewhere. —Kimberly M. Chastain / Liberty, S.C.

A question of ethics

[ Jan. 19] I do not share bioethicist William Hurlbut’s optimism about the future of genetic engineering. IVF and embryo selection have been going on for decades, and genetic testing commonly ends in abortion. We’ve been softened up for He Jiankui’s brave new world. —Jeff Singletary / Lebanon, Ind.

Human beings are not biological templates that scientists can freely re-engineer without significant consequences. The fact that a scientist can do something does not make it moral to do it. —Mark B. Blocher on Facebook

It is easy to imagine gene editing to treat disease morphing into attempts to create the most beautiful woman or the ultimate male athlete. Is He Jiankui playing God? —Robert Francis / Wakefield, Mass.

Unsafe spaces

[ Jan. 19 ] Thank you for this reminder of how human brokenness is so complex and self-perpetuating. Let us pray for the homeless, for their healing from abuse, for restoration of hope and forgiveness in Christ, and the wisdom and resilience to break the cycle. God bless all those who help. —JennyBeth Gardner on

And some people want to force women’s shelters like these to allow biological men in at night. God help us all. —Laura Weieneth on

Sophia Lee’s articles give a keen glimpse into other worlds. Thank you! —Rosie O’Brien Richards on Facebook

A society’s secrets

[ Jan. 19 ] You praised The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society as a delightful escape, but it is also a reflection of the prejudices of our times. The heroes in the story are all strong, independent women and the villains are powerful white males, while the only Christian is a judgmental spinster. —Holly Emmert / Houghton, Mich.

People should do themselves a delightful favor and read the book before seeing the movie. —Cherry Neill / Fort Worth, Texas

Loss of faith

[ Jan. 19 ] The Kurds have bled and died in Syria to help us defeat our enemies, and we’re about to leave them at the mercy of theirs. We made a promise, and we’re breaking it. This isn’t even Nixon’s “peace with honor.” This is giving up a war, and there is no honor in it. Eventually we will need to return, and we will find ourselves without friends. —John Kloosterman on

Finding success in the new year

[ Jan. 19 ] Andrée Seu Peterson’s column reminds me that success is not always obvious in the midst of our struggles, and that some apparent failures are successes for the gospel. I’m reminding myself of that as my wife and I raise our four sons. —Wes Woodward / Minnesota City, Minn.

Hard times at Harvest

[ Dec. 29 ] Heartbreaking and sobering. I cannot reconcile James MacDonald’s behavior with the teachings and life of our Lord Jesus Christ, and neither can a watching world. —Judy Farrington on

This article, coupled with the division occurring at Harvest Bible Chapel, hurts the cause of Christ. Do we want to be part of the enemy’s plan to divide the church and become distracted from our main purpose, which is to reach the world for Christ? —Todd Taylor / Eastvale, Calif.

So this is how some modern evangelical churches are run, with nondisclosure and noncompete agreements? Then we wonder why young people do not want to come to church. Why would they, when such inauthentic Christianity is on display? —Terry Jansen / Orland Park, Ill.

Surely a megachurch could afford to lose a few willing members to support a new work, even if it was only a few miles away. —Merv Auchtung / Holland, Mich.

It is appalling that a man can pastor a church $42 million in debt and still live in a 6,800-square-foot house with a 10-car garage. I have long questioned the justification for megachurches swallowing up millions of urban dollars to build empires for men while servants of God around the world struggle. —Jim Schultz / Decatur, Ill.

‘Faithful disobedience’

[ Dec. 29 ] Regarding Chinese believers suffering persecution: It is during times of intensity that the power and beauty of the gospel are so evident. The more the world openly rejects the gospel, the tighter it will be embraced by those who seek the truth and believe. God is in control here as well as there. —Ken Isgrigg on

Sizing up our hearts

[ Dec. 8 ] We often don’t listen well, but it’s helpful to ask our political opponents why they believe what they do. We are not always that far apart, and sometimes the debate is more about how to solve the problem than whether there is a problem. —Janet Seagraves on

When Jesus taught us the Golden Rule, He never promised that others would treat us the way we treat them. This doesn’t let us off the hook, but our behavior will not necessarily affect the way others act, especially if they don’t believe that Jesus was more than just a very nice man (if they believe He existed at all). —Richard Armergding / Rohnert Park, Calif.


Harvest Bible Chapel Senior Pastor James MacDonald preached at HBC Naples on Jan. 6 (“Command and control,” Feb. 16, p. 57).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Transgender eschatology?

Jan. 19 ] Andy Draycott would do well to consider Christ’s words, “When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” What purpose would sexual identity serve in such an existence? Marriage is to teach us about the intimacy of a relationship with God in Christ. Bob Renckly on

Prosperity gospel cars

Jan. 19 ] I get that you question Pastor John Gray’s purchase of an expensive car for his wife as a waste of resources, but I’m uncomfortable with you judging his heart with the line, “Where your Lamborghini is, there your heart will be also.” Only God can judge the heart. Carolyn Schlicher / Elizabethtown, Pa.

An era of volatility

Nov. 24 ] It seems that almost every generation has groups of people more interested in expressing their disagreement with violence than in trying to be civil and work together. As Marvin Olasky and Sarah Slavin expressed, we humans are way too messed up to be civil without Christ. Bob Cremer on