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Books on counseling


Books on counseling

Welcome to Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, and The Future

Jonathan Pokluda

Pokluda wrote this book for recent college graduates learning to be independent adults. He gives readers Biblical perspective and guidance on topics like purpose, work, money, dating, and worry. The book is easy to read and includes illustrations from Pokluda’s own experience in learning to “adult.” The content will not surprise those who grew up with Christian parents, but any young adult who feels overwhelmed could benefit from its reminder that the Bible addresses all the basics of living as a godly adult.

Diehard Sins: How to Fight Wisely against Destructive Daily Habits

Rush Witt

When sins become deep habits, the ability to change seems difficult. Pastor and Biblical counselor Rush Witt explains that dealing with “diehard sins” is normal for Christians. Faithful Christian living is not meant to be easy or joyless, but rather a “joy-filled fight.” Witt begins each chapter with a story and ends with reflection questions. He expertly balances theological truth with practical strategies for changing daily habits. While some readers may have heard Witt’s advice before, this is a helpful resource for regular Christians seeking to understand and fight sin.

Doubt: Trusting God’s Promises

Elyse Fitzpatrick

The first thing longtime counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick tells readers who struggle with doubt is that they are not alone: All Christians struggle with doubt from time to time, some more than others. She provides 31 days of encouragement and loving challenge to help strengthen the reader’s faith. Each two-page day contains a Scripture verse, thought-provoking content, practical “homework” (like listing the most troubling thoughts you have and praying for answers to each one), and two truths to remember. This devotional is accessible and practical, and Fitzpatrick writes so warmly it feels as if she’s sitting across the kitchen table.

Real Change: Becoming More Like Jesus in Everyday Life

Andrew Nicholls & Helen Thorne

In this short workbook, the authors present a diagram that illustrates how change happens. The diagram shows two trees, one with fruit and one with thorns. Both trees receive the same heat, but they produce different results because of their different roots. In the same way, our hearts determine how we respond to circumstances and pressures of life. Each chapter highlights one element of the diagram and offers discussion questions and Scripture passages for readers to apply. Practical and succinct, Real Change is a good introduction to how sanctification looks in everyday life.


Paul David Tripp (Handout)


In 2014, Paul David Tripp’s life radically changed. He walked into a hospital for a minor checkup but ended up hospitalized with kidney failure. Despite his previous healthy life and habits up until then, he endured terrible pain, perpetual fatigue, and six surgeries. In his book Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense (Crossway, 2018), he shares his experience and offers Biblical hope for sufferers. He identifies six traps—including fear, envy, and doubt—that Christians can fall into when suffering. Then he offers six comforts—including awareness of God’s grace and God’s purpose—we can hold. Tripp’s writing is clear and smooth, and throughout he provides good stories to illustrate key points. The “Read and Reflect” questions and “Heart Reset” Scripture passages at the end of each chapter make the book a great counseling tool that’s easy to apply personally. —C.C.