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By the numbers

By the numbers

$32 million

The hammer price at a Nov. 14 Sotheby’s auction for a drop-shaped pearl pendant that once belonged to French Queen Marie Antoinette.


The average cost of obtaining a permit to operate a food truck in Austin, Texas.


Federal revenues collected in October, a tax-collection record for that month. The government still ran a $100 billion deficit.


The average age of an American man getting married for the first time in 2018. For American women, the average age is 27.8 years.

8 hours

The amount of time a 4-year-old girl spent locked inside an impounded minivan in freezing temperatures overnight in Milwaukee, Wis., before police discovered her.


The number of reports of contaminated strawberries in Australian grocery stores after a vindictive farm employee allegedly spiked produce with needles.