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Letters from our readers


‘Go and do likewise’

Aug. 4  The organizations profiled in your Hope Awards issue are so inspirational, and thank you for the encouragement to “go and do likewise.” We are all capable of making a difference. —Katie Powner on

‘Lakota lessons’

Aug. 4  I am so thankful for this school, for the Konurs, the teachers, and all who support them in bringing God’s glorious light to the Lakota nation. May God bless each and every one of the staffers, the students, and their community. —Elaine Suderman on Facebook

‘They’re like birds’

Aug. 4  I prayed for Li Ling, and thank God for Colorado Burma Roundtable Network! —Anne Schenk on

‘Erasing Laura’

Aug. 4  No one ever went broke underestimating the American Library Association and its revisionist political agenda. Whenever such an organization criticizes a TV series with a family-oriented message like Little House on the Prairie, it’s a compliment. —Joe Roberts / Jackson, Miss.

We live in a crazy, shallow, and undiscerning world where popular culture and political correctness continually override common sense. —Rhonda Stark / Palmer, Alaska

Don’t be fooled by the explanation from the Association of Library Services for Children about “dated” cultural attitudes. Those people want to wipe out our national history and the stories of the people who built this great country by dumbing down everyone instead of inviting thoughtful dialogue. —Brenda & Bryan Peck on Facebook

‘The green rush begins’

Aug. 4  I love the idea for the Caleb Team (and the logo). This was a great and informative article, and I look forward to reading more. —Becky Filipek / Lidgerwood, N.D.

I’ve expected this battle over marijuana for years, but where do we go from here? Which groups can we trust? I’m concerned that the green giant lobby will win because no one will show up to do battle. I do not think people realize how terrible pot is for the brain. —Julie Von Vett / Wyoming, Minn.

I feel vastly differently about marijuana than I did before losing a younger sister to cancer in 2016. I saw the pain she was in, and now I support medical uses. Addiction to any substance—beer, tobacco, pot, or harder drugs—is wrong, but the key is moderation. —Jeffrey Everroad / Columbus, Ind.

‘Season of the Wolf’

Aug. 4  Michelle Wolf and those like her don’t have a problem with ripping a child from its mother’s womb, and they would advocate ripping a child from his or her parents when the child wishes to switch genders and the parents say no. —Mike Bricker / Springdale, Ark.

I spend a lot of time browsing the streaming services and often come up with just dark and God-dishonoring things. I really appreciate this article pointing me in the right direction. —Rhea Lloyd / Gaithersburg, Md.

‘Compassion and politics’

Aug. 4  I was encouraged to hear Eric Metaxas express what I have felt about every single one of those questions. To me, his is a voice of reason and wisdom for our times. —Sandra Hart / Gibsonville, N.C.

We all choose the candidate most likely to represent our views. We as Christians have to get involved politically to fight for the religious freedom and freedom of expression set out in our founding documents, or the republic fails. —John B. Stone on

‘A history of separation’

Aug. 4  I appreciate Joel Belz discussing the hypocrisy of progressives who decry the government separation of children from parents, or from those claiming to be their parents. What do they think abortion is? That’s the ultimate separation of children from parents. —Douglas A. Shearer / Huber Heights, Ohio

It seems misleading to say that the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrants’ children makes it look “incompetent.” The executive branch is upholding existing law—how is that ill-conceived? And don’t the parents and human traffickers bear responsibility for putting children in harm’s way? —Rick Flanders on

The government’s biggest child/parent separation effort in the 20th century was Indian education. All the Native Americans of my age (early 70s) I have met appear to have been deeply injured by the forced separation from family and brutal denigration of their language and culture. —Philip Friesen / Minneapolis, Minn.  

‘Deep community’

Aug. 4  Thank you for reviewing this wonderful movie, A Man Called Ove. I laughed. I cried. I felt Ove’s anger, his despair, his utter loneliness, and his big heart. I felt the power of love. —Wendy Davis on

My Danish husband loved this movie. He understands the challenge of the “white shirts” because he lived it and is quick to see where it shows up in our land too. —Rhonda Kildegaard on Facebook

‘Lift every voice and sing’

Aug. 4  Thank you for this interesting look at an interesting man with an interesting job: Washington Nationals national anthem singer D.C. Washington. I enjoyed learning a little about the Negro National Anthem and loved the phrase “harmonies of liberty.” I could almost hear D.C.’s deep laugh. Play ball! —Tim Williams on

‘God in three Persons’

Aug. 4  Some Bible translators in Muslim cultures avoid terms such as “Son of God” because it is offensive to Muslims, but Jesus’ claim that God is His Father was offensive to the Jews. Wasn’t that truth the whole point of Christianity? It is offensive. It is the foundation of the gospel. —Martha Eaton / Carlsbad, Calif.

Corrections and clarifications

“Enjoy” in Spanish is disfrutar, and the name of the painting is La Posada (“Corporate compassion,” Aug. 4, p. 65).
Jordan Jarrett was an opinion writer for the Liberty Champion in 2016 (“Papered over,” Sept. 1, p. 42).
A church elder by himself told the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM­-USA) board of directors about sex abuse accusations in 2016, not 2015. In 2016, Mark Underwood was VOM-USA’s vice president for international ministry. Cole Richards became VOM-USA’s president in 2018. VOM-USA had a funding relationship with Voice of the Christian Martyrs in Nigeria (“Far away from home,” Sept. 1, pp. 54-57).
The family of a 10-year-old girl alleged she had been molested by Tom White (“VOM and Tom White,” Sept. 1, p. 57).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

‘Bloody Honduras’

July 21 Isn’t the mistreatment of undocumented immigrants at our southern border a “pro-life” and “pro-family values” issue as well? Where are the Christian leaders who can assemble millions to protest our government’s abuse of families seeking refuge from deadly gangs and governments? If ever there was a ready-made rallying cry for Christians, this is it. —Maurice Rasmussen / Woodland, Calif.

‘Every 40 years’

July 21 We should be concerned about the plight of refugees coming into our country, but there is only so much we can do. We can’t take everyone in, so we should require all immigrants to be sponsored by private individuals or organizations. What if every church took in a number of refugees? —Steve Schell / Dayton, Ohio

‘Surviving the Indianapolis tragedy’

July 21 After reading the excerpt, I immediately ordered the book. Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic wrote a masterful exposé of a tragedy: the sinking of a WWII flagship. The book opened my eyes, as a Navy man, to the Navy’s cover-up. —George H. Fink / Beech Mountain, N.C.

‘Did the FBI get its man?’

July 21 I thought there were only three branches of government that checked and balanced power; how long has the FBI been involved in selecting a president? What are we doing to assure the American people that the FBI cannot get involved in future campaigns? Who is watching the FBI? —Todd Taylor / Eastvale, Calif.


Thank you so much for your book reviews. I have chosen from your lists many times. Just today I ordered a children’s book that I think would be just right for my granddaughter. —Betty Nelson / Barneveld, Wis.

I am a homeschool student in 10th grade. My parents have subscribed to WORLD ever since I can remember, but only recently I began reading your magazine myself, often cover to cover. I appreciate your Christian perspective on current events. This world is so sinful and chaotic, yet your writers always remind us of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. —Cara Nicholls / Telford, Tenn.