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Letters from our readers


‘Starting from zero’

April 14  May these Christians’ faith be a bright light that brings many Iraqis to Jesus. May God bind up the broken and give beauty for ashes, and may we who live in comfort not forget our brothers in their suffering. —Jenny Beth Alford on

‘Boys will be girls’

April 14  Am I reading this correctly? A boy wants to play on boys’ sports teams but have access to the girls’ locker room? It’s hard to read this stuff without laughing. How can adults pretend this is reasonable? —Jamie Jorenz on Facebook

I keep thinking that I’ve heard it all, but “gender fluid” just flabbergasted me! There is such a simple answer, especially in the sports arena: Compete against your biological sex. Is there enough backbone out there to make such a stand? —J.S. Walker / Newburgh, Maine

Where is the outrage from feminists because real girls and women are now sure to lose to stronger, faster, fake-female competitors? Why are they not incensed that a woman could get seriously injured competing against a male posing as a woman? —Rebecca Rabon on Facebook

LGBT claims for “rights” are disturbing, but we should not give up. Parents should pull their kids out of public schools for as long as it takes to get administrators’ attention. Accommodations should make sense for everyone, not just the “transgendered.” —Janet Seagraves on

‘Ze said, xe said’

April 14  Good for Andrée Seu Peterson for critiquing the new use of they, them, and their in place of the generic he, him, and his for a person of either gender. —Maynard Eyestone / Mead, Wash.

This gender nonsense is preposterous, yet while we are laughing, activist judges are legislating from the bench. Things will get tougher for those willing to speak the truth, but that is not entirely bad. —Rick Flanders on

‘Counting the cost’

April 14  The Republicans’ failure to defund Planned Parenthood makes me so angry. I’m seriously contemplating leaving the GOP for a third party. Evangelicals vote for candidates who say they will defund the organization, and then the politicians just quietly let it thrive another year, and then evangelicals go back to them. It’s gross. —Jesse Cook on

‘What the world needs now’

April 14  I am deeply moved by Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame’s ultimate sacrifice in exchanging himself for a hostage. May God give us all such a sacrificial love, and the courage when our time comes to stand in faith no matter the cost. —Todd Taylor / Eastvale, Calif.

After reading of the selfless French policeman, I paused to meditate on my Savior. The old hymn says it well: “Bearing shame and scoffing rude / In my place condemned He stood / Sealed my pardon with His blood / Hallelujah! What a Savior!” —David Neal / Fort Atkinson, Wis.

‘Missing their points’

April 14  I suppose sacred and profane language have this in common: They lose their meaning when carelessly peppered into conversation. —Pauline Marie Ferrill on Facebook

‘Camden’s new day’

April 14  Camden police officer Tyrrell Bagby is an American hero. I hope the city names a high school after him, at least. —Larry Rippere / Mountain View, Calif.

‘“Move on” to what?’

April 14  The idea that life is for us to shape to our advantage explains so much, from the push for LGBT rights to safe places on college campuses. That is not our path; God will use our difficult experiences to shape us into the people He desires us to be. —Larry D. Ruddell on

‘Foreign missions at home’

April 14  ESL classes are a wonderful way to reach people from foreign lands. My mother developed long-term relationships with people from different cultures and religions. The students may not return to their homelands, but they still communicate with friends and family. —Brendan Bossard on

‘Great awakenings’

April 14  I am always interested in the continuing Christian awakening in China. It helps me see that my great-grandmother Margaret Melrose’s 46 years as a Presbyterian missionary to Hainan were seeds well planted, even during the difficult times of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. —Mark Melrose / Charles City, Iowa

‘A Christian tap dancer in New York’

April 14  I love Andrew Nemr’s quote about how our choices “have to be informed by, I believe, something greater than just, ‘Where’s the money?’” This Christian artist’s perspective is especially meaningful to me as our young adult son tries to carve out a life as a professional violinist. —K. Faris on

‘Hollywood’s conservative couple’

April 14  Nice article. I feel encouraged to pray for the Sorbos and their compatriots in Hollywood. This arena needs the light and love of Christ. —Frank Johnson on

‘Hedonistic strains’

April 14  I am amazed that masses of otherwise intelligent people blindly and even eagerly drift toward their own slaughter. They are aware of their sin and will bring judgment on themselves. It’s tragic. —Gregory Sampson on Facebook


Thank you for all you do! We have never had a TV and I cannot abide the liberal spin in the newspaper, so I am overjoyed to have found your podcast and your publications! You have become my No. 1 reliable news source. —Jennifer Pearson / Murfreesboro, Tenn.


The name of the Parkland, Fla., school where a mass shooting occurred in February is Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (“Lead us not,” May 12, p. 14).

In Genesis 3, Eve told the serpent that touching the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would lead to death (“Marx, Moses, Messiah,” May 12, p. 20).

Vietnam officials in 1977 closed up the churches serving the Montagnard ethnic groups (“After the fall,” March 31, p. 32).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

‘Missing their points’

April 14  Thanks for this article. It helped me to understand better the distracting nature of profanity. —Andy Knudsen on

‘Battle over books’

March 31  These pro-LGBT books show up in school libraries and programs because of a lack of parental involvement. The LGBT crowd will continue to push the envelope with whatever propaganda it can get away with; unless we stand up and push back, we will get run over. —Bob Cremer on

‘On pandemics and providence’

March 3  This is a wise column. God’s plans and actions can prove inscrutable to us, but we can rest assured He knows what He’s doing; He might let us in on His purposes on the other side of the veil. —Rudy Poglitsh / Wasilla, Alaska

‘Ready for the job’

March 3  Mindy Belz’s column on Ken Isaacs of Samaritan’s Purse was great. If I heard anything in the mainstream media, I’m sure it was negative and I tuned it out as just one more example of the media tearing people down. —Trish Kimminau / Alexandria, Va.