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Letters from our readers


‘Billy Graham’s legacy’

March 17  Dr. Billy Graham’s passing was a tremendous loss to the Christian community and the world. He was a true man of God and a giant of the faith. May God comfort his family and friends, and may his death stimulate an awakening in our land and a thirst for God’s precious Word. —Tim M. Kucij / Claremont, Calif.

I will remember Billy Graham for preaching and practicing “mere Christianity.” The cross ruled his life. What an example! —Brendan Bossard on

‘The media and Billy Graham’

March 17  The media can spin it any way they want—Graham was a mensch. —Bill Russell / Brighton, Mich.

I was incensed to read The New York Times’ criticism of Graham, but then I realized that he never sought the approval of men; why should we? —John Keressi / Amherst, Ohio

‘A time to speak’

March 17  I appreciated Jamie Dean’s powerful account of Rachael Denhollander’s decadeslong pursuit to bring a sexual predator to justice. Her decision to be the first to confront Larry Nassar legally was true courage. I wept at the forgiveness she offered to him. —Brad Bemis / Woodinville, Wash.

I am impressed by Denhollander’s stand to bring to light the horrific abuse of women gymnasts. Kudos to the godly young woman, and to WORLD. —Lucy Sharkey / Youngstown, Ohio

Denhollander demonstrated clearly God’s justice and mercy available to those who repent of their sin. What a great Christian example. —Thomas Leep on

‘Before the board’

March 17  Bravo to Andrée Seu Peterson, first for speaking to the hospital board regarding abortion, and second for the wisdom and bold truth in her words. I was inspired and convicted by her warning of culpability; the truth sets us free indeed. —Lisa Wilson / West Rupert, Vt.

“One nation under God” rings hollow when we allow such unspeakable atrocities to be performed millions of times while stumbling through our daily routines. May God have mercy on us all. —Robert Finlayson on

‘Faces of DACA’

March 17  This is a nice snapshot of the DACA “kids.” I support allowing them to stay legally, but in exchange I want border security and laws that prohibit this situation, including an end to chain migration. Sadly, Trump made a very generous offer, but Democrats in the Senate rejected it, sacrificing the DACA kids on the altar of the 2018 midterm elections. —Craig Alexander on

The question is not whether we would approve of these folks as neighbors or fellow parishioners, but whether our government should provide benefits denied to law-abiding people in other countries. They should return to their country of origin and apply to return here legally. That would be sad, but it should be the consequence of their parents’ illegal actions. —Terry Brennan on

‘All guilt, no atonement’

March 17  Thank you for this insightful column. Our own culture is divided because it doesn’t know how to be healed. We start a “war on poverty” and tear down historical monuments but never assuage the guilt. Only through individuals repenting and trusting Christ will our or any culture be healed. —Dick Friedrich on

This column reminded me of Paul’s teaching that “if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. … If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.” —Rich Asper / Menomonie, Wis.

I have a good example of Australia’s National Sorry Day making the culture darker: Here every school meeting starts with a ritual where a senior manager acknowledges that the land we are meeting on was originally owned by an indigenous tribe, then we acknowledge the elders and others from the tribe. —Sven Trenholm / Adelaide, Australia

‘Repayment ministry’

March 17  It seems like a noble idea to bail youngsters out of debt to free them to serve in the mission field, but why not teach them to avoid debt in the first place? Shouldn’t people experience the effects of their decisions and learn their own lessons? —Kevin Skinner on

The ease with which a student can amass astronomical amounts of student debt with just a signature correlates with the ratcheting up of college tuition costs. It is total insanity, and Christian institutions are on the gravy train. Those who cannot make it through debt-free should consider learning a trade before burying themselves in debt. —Paul Petry on

‘Those Hebrew midwives’

March 17  Thank you to Mindy Belz for reminding Christians that we are to be doers of the Word. Things that are “life-giving and future-oriented” are truly kingdom work. —David Neal / Fort Atkinson, Wis.

Thankfully midwifery is still with us despite advanced medical technology. Our friend in rural Maine still “catches” the gifts God sends to mothers. What a contrast to our culture of abortion and death. —Bill McCarthy / Quincy, Mass.

‘Compassion on call’

March 17  Thank you for your good interview with Daniel Geraci of the Austin Disaster Relief Network. I appreciated his wise words concerning what to say and not to say to people who have been traumatized. So much good can be done for Jesus just by listening to peoples’ stories. Let them talk. —Randy Calvelli / Hartville, Ohio

Human Race

March 17  The difference between Olympic and high-school athletes is that the latter can take muscle-enhancing drugs and still compete. Most schools have attendance, grade, and drug policies for their athletes. Female wrestler Mack Beggs is free to take testosterone, but as part of the school’s drug policy she should be excluded from sports. —Ben Hungerford / Milwaukie, Ore.

‘Live-streamed surgeons’

March 17  Although remote surgery using robotics and virtual reality may have upsides, doctor-patient interaction retains an important role. Robots don’t hold a fearful patient’s hand, reassure a worried family, or sustain a continuity of care. —Mark B. Blocher on Facebook


DACA defers legal action to remove people brought to the U.S. unlawfully as children but does not officially confer a lawful status (“Faces of DACA,” March 17, p. 55).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

‘The media and Billy Graham’

March 17  Joel Belz is correct that most TV news outlets did not cover Graham well. But Fox News covered him extensively and positively, giving the gospel message many times and even airing his funeral live. —Suecarol Schuler / Rochester, Minn.

‘Before the board’

March 17  This is what hospital boards need to hear; we must tie to them the horror of abortion. —Dick Piehl / Whitewater, Wis.

‘Faces of DACA’

March 17  The DACA situation is a minefield of contradictions. Is the policy compassionate? Generous? Sure, but President Obama’s executive order was also illegal. The other faces of DACA are those in prison for some heinous crime who laugh at attempts to deport them. I support going case by case, offering permanent status to those who are productive and following our laws. —Larry Miller / Pasadena, Texas

‘Compassion on call’

March 17  Certainly there is a time to be silent when dealing with the lost, but the greatest good we can do for a person, traumatized or not, is to give him or her a well-placed word about what Jesus has done for us on the cross. —Steven Thomas / Renton, Wash.

‘Nine points of personality’

March 17  This “Enneagram” fad strikes me as yet another New Age incursion into Christianity. Some years ago evangelicals, importing the ideas of Galen, were describing themselves as “sanguine phlegmatics” or whatever. Trendy Christians should instead read church fathers like Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Augustine to learn how the early church rejected pagan Greek philosophy. —Jay Ryan / Cleveland, Ohio