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Letters from our readers


‘SNAP out of it’

Sept. 30  The sad truth is that most, if not all, of our politicians are afraid to rein in entitlements. It’s amazing how few are willing to say no to any “victim” who wins popular approval, no matter the cost, because an increasing number of Americans have a sense of dependency on the state. —Fin Pedergast on

I wonder how much of our ever-increasing drug problem in this country is related to the ability to get cash from EBT cards. —Resa Yamamoto on

The world measures compassion by how comfortable you make someone. Christians need to measure compassion by how many people they bring to the hope found in Jesus Christ. —Floyd Kramer Jr. on Facebook

Thank you for Kim Henderson’s article. This is the type of news we in the WORLD family need and want to know about. —Larry Rosenbaum / Lewisville, Texas

I live near Camden, N.J., one of the nation’s poorest cities. Governments have poured billions of dollars into programs there, and I see many abuses. Some convenience stores will give people cigarettes or other ineligible products for the money on their EBT cards. When will it all end? —Eric S. Arechavala on

‘Why not sign?’

Sept. 30  Thank you for signing and thoughtfully reporting on the Nashville Statement. It surprises and grieves me to see the pushback among Christians. —Carol Kurlowich / Columbia, S.C.

The Nashville Statement offers a detailed, balanced understanding of human sexuality. Instead of condemnation, it offers the hope of the gospel. Instead of avoiding the challenges presented by today’s headlines, it speaks Biblical truth into them. —Michael Kane / Portland, Ore.

This Alaskan bush pastor wants to sign. This is an issue we should be willing to die over. —Rich Thorne / Bettles, Alaska

If Christians won’t even stop buying coffee from pro-gay marriage Starbucks when there are no consequences, how will they stand up on transgender issues when there are potentially swift and intense consequences? —Joe Marincel / Flower Mound, Texas

If the Nashville Statement had been only 13 points long I would have signed it. But the 14th point asked me to affirm that forgiveness and eternal life are available to “every person who repents of sin and trusts in Christ alone as Savior, Lord, and Supreme Treasure.” I don’t believe repentance is a condition of new birth. —Tim Beard / Toppenish, Wash.

‘Art of the solo deal’

Sept. 30  Maybe in working with Democrats, President Trump is just trying to get something done. The Republican establishment has demonstrated time and again how willing it is to cut his legs out from under him. Congress and the media have much more to apologize for than Trump does. —Kenneth Isgrigg on

I appreciate that while WORLD reaches out to conservatives, it also isn’t afraid to challenge them from a Biblical standpoint. No, Trump isn’t a hideous monster as the left likes to say, but neither is he a hero-warrior. —Daniel MacLean on Facebook

However imperfect Trump is, let’s continually thank God for giving us Trump and not Hillary. —Frances Roach / Mancos, Colo.

‘Calling all hands’

Sept. 30  You described how neighbors rushed to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I lived in Texas for seven years, and Texans were always there when you needed them most. —Camden Jungquist on

‘Self-glory or a cross?’

Sept. 30  Carl Trueman said that churches need strong preaching and vibrant worship to impact today’s culture. I would add to the list small-group ministries that genuinely encourage spiritual growth, where people care for and encourage one another. —Howard Killion / Oceanside, Calif.


Sept. 30  Thank you for addressing things in this culture with honesty and wisdom. In areas where I’m out of the loop, because of your coverage I can have a conversation with those who are in this world, without being of it. —Marcy Jackson on Facebook

‘Ravenous fervor’

Sept. 30  Andrée Seu Peterson rightly compares today’s unrest to the French Revolution. It seems we must hurt and punish rather than simply reform. We crave the fight when words would suffice, and the ensuing violence sows the seeds for the next revolution. —Glenda Cloutier on

‘A Hollywood story’

Sept. 30  Megan Basham’s critical review of Greg Laurie’s documentary about Steve McQueen’s quest for faith was strange. Both the book and the documentary were captivating and revealing and delivered the gospel to an audience that wouldn’t otherwise hear it. —Ray Anderson / New Braunfels, Texas

‘Beyond empathy’

Sept. 30  I’m sharing this column with the staff at a Christian homeless shelter for women and children. It drives me crazy when we make excuses for poor behavior. —Jan Mansfield / Buffalo, N.Y.

‘Oversexed ed’

Sept. 16  I am upset that people are having their identities ripped away and deeply saddened by a culture that tries to confuse people. I was an athletic girl and didn’t fit feminine stereotypes, but I always knew I wasn’t supposed to be a guy. —Linda Beeson / Shadow Hills, Calif.

‘Not so fast’

Sept. 16  I still remember my land planning professor yelling, “Cars and bicycles do not mix!” I cringe when I see “Share the road” signs. Bikeways and overpasses may be more expensive, but they are much safer than a strip of pavement next to speeding cars. —Daniel Conklin / West Palm Beach, Fla.


The majority of gun-related homicides in the United States do not involve semi-automatic rifles (“A time to prepare,” Oct. 28, p. 8).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

‘Art of the solo deal’

Sept. 30  Trump is accountable to the voters who supported his agenda, but when party leaders consistently seek to undermine that agenda, is it surprising that he doesn’t consider himself accountable to them? And as to giving in to the Democrats, why not wait until the dust settles and see what he finally agrees to sign? —Bob Renckly on

‘Scout in the house’

Sept. 16  If they came up with a vacuuming robot that would also clean the bathrooms and make dinner, I’d gladly give up all my rights to privacy (just kidding). Mary Matvick Stroot on Facebook

‘We, the People’

Sept. 2  It may not be the best idea to encourage our presidents to comment on racial violence. Our previous president offered more than enough commentary on justice issues, and the public resented it, hastening our intellectual retreat to identity politics. —Aaron Rouland / Saratoga, Calif.

‘Lord and friend’

Sept. 2  Thank you to Janie B. Cheaney for this great column. God is both Lord and friend, but she is right that we can overemphasize the relationship at the cost of the foundations of our faith. —Glenn Willingham / Simi Valley, Calif.