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Letters from our readers


‘2016 News of the Year: Deaths’

Dec. 31  |  I always enjoy your “News of the Year” issue. Thank you for reminding us of all that has happened, both good and bad. One omission I noticed from the Deaths section: Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández. What a tragic loss! —STEPHANIE TOWNSEND / Downey, Calif.

The original group from Billy Graham’s organization is leaving this earth. George Beverly Shea is gone, now Cliff Barrows, and Billy himself will go someday soon. It’s a great loss each time one of these giants departs. —JIM EASON / Auburn, Calif.

The documentary Flying the Feathered Edge shows why you should regret leaving test and fighter pilot Bob Hoover off your list. —AARON ROULAND / Saratoga, Calif.

Sadly, you omitted Dr. Helen Roseveare, missionary to Africa. Her books and speaking ministry, describing amazing miracles and her captivity in the 1960s, are life-changing. —KIM NEWHOUSE / Tucson, Ariz.

I was sorry keyboardist Keith Emerson was omitted from the list of 2016 notable deaths. He had a powerful influence on both rock and classical music. —MICHAEL ROCCAFORTE / Carmel, Ind.

‘Improbable things’

Dec. 31  |  It was rather soon for Joel Belz to rejoice over the Trump presidency even before he’d been sworn in. After all, George W. Bush assembled an all-star Cabinet in 2001 that was badly dysfunctional. Let’s see if Trump’s Cabinet can be effective. —ROBERT FINLAYSON on

Is this actually a whisper of an acknowledgment that Trump may, after all, be “fit” for our nation’s highest office? I and many Trump supporters will be looking for evidence of that fitness, and know you will be searching for the same. —D. WAYNE BEARBOWER on

The results of this election give voice to a whole section of the population that has been ignored as long as I can remember: Middle America. I look forward to the next four years and hopefully more. —JOELLYN CLARK on

Of course I am relieved that Clinton lost, but I expect we will see dreadful days of a different kind. My prayer is that the church will lead our nation into humble repentance before the Lord. Will we be part of the bride of Christ or will we be too busy trusting in Trump? —KIMBERLY DUNN / Garrettsville, Ohio

‘Fake news: the bigger culprits’

Dec. 31  |  I think that the most enjoyable aspect of Trump’s election is that it exposed the media and its pundits, left and right, as purveyors of utter nonsense. Did this result in a little honest self-reflection? Nope. —RICK FLANDERS on

‘All the wrong places’

Dec. 31  |  This column was insightful and tailor-made for me at the end of a difficult year. It reminded us that Christ Himself suffered as we do and showed us where to fix our eyes, hearts, and minds. —LYNN BECZAK / La Grange, Ill.

I have long told my children, “Your imagination was made for heaven so this world is sure to disappoint.” Everything is fallen. Accepting this fact should make us even more eager for heaven. —SARAH DELLIGATTI on

‘Rogue One’

Dec. 31  |  I was very surprised to read that Rogue One may not be the “most fun” but is “certainly the most emotionally stirring” of the Star Wars movies. It sounds like Megan Basham hasn’t seen The Empire Strikes Back yet. I wasn’t emotionally stirred by any of Rogue One’s wooden and two-dimensional characters. —DAVID ELLERIE / Morton, Ill.

I loved Rogue One. It was far, far better than The Force Awakens. I too noticed the heroine praying, that the Force seemed to favor the good guys, and that the characters were willing to give their lives to free the universe from tyranny. —CHRISTINA WILSON on

‘The faces of Team Trump’

Dec. 31  |  Hopefully Trump’s selection of Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education will produce upgrades parents are demanding in a variety of areas. Is it fair, for example, that parents are forced to pay taxes for public schools that teach their children things that conflict with their beliefs? This could easily be avoided by having tax money follow the students. —CHRISTINE CROWNER / Saline, Mich.

‘New Year’s resolution’

Dec. 31  |  We appreciated Marvin Olasky’s comment on the one crucial New Year’s resolution: “to desire, through God’s grace, to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.” Thank you. —JIM & ELIZABETH JOHNSON / Martinsville, Ind.

‘Helping “blooms”’

Dec. 31  |  This report on helping single pregnant women blossom is about the most hope-filled story I’ve heard recently. May more churches embrace this ministry, acknowledging that we are all broken and in need of redemption, love, and encouragement. —MARIA COCHRANE / Balsam, N.C.

‘Upside-down kingdom’

Dec. 31  |  I thoroughly enjoyed Emily Belz’s interview with author Ann Voskamp. Her focus and energy in serving and overcoming her fears is admirable, but her response to those who expressed fear about thousands of Muslim immigrants was disappointing. —KEN DOUGLAS / Gardnerville, Nev.

‘An era in flames’

Dec. 31  |  The European Union is a dangerous conglomeration of nations. It is encouraging that several nations within the EU are not satisfied with the politics of Brussels. Hopefully, many countries will follow the example of Brexit and so reclaim their history, traditions, religion, and identity. —PAUL TAYLOR on

‘The MK privilege’

Dec. 10  |  Sophia Lee’s article is excellent. Our own MK kids also opened up many doors. One time at a post office in Communist Romania, the normally begrudging employees gave us our package but gleefully took our infant son and adoringly passed him around the back room for several minutes. Without the child we might not have gotten the package, but we wondered if we would get our son back. —KARL & JO ANN KOSOBUCKI / Cary, N.C.


Turkey has a population of 80 million (“Caught in a dragnet,” Feb. 4, 2016).


More letters, emails, and comments we didn't have space for in the print edition:


‘Reporting worth supporting’

Dec. 10  |  Thank you, WORLD, for remaining true to your purpose: offering a Christian worldview on culture and politics alike, even if it means risking a backlash from your own. My respect for you went up several notches after that piece. —ANNIE BARKALOW / Springville, Iowa

Trump has exercised poor judgment in the past, but we voted for him as a potential leader, not our pastor. We voted for hope and positive change. After decades of looking to WORLD to bring clarity to political discourse, we have sadly decided to cancel our subscription. — FRED & DOROTHY PETERSON / Minnetonka, Minn.

Thank you for your coverage of the 2016 election. Those complaining about your election coverage cited no inaccuracies but criticized you for not cheerleading for Trump. They inspired me to make a donation. —RANDY TRAUTWEIN / Lavalette, W.V.

I was stunned by the rancor of the “cancel my subscription” letters (and no, I didn’t vote for Hillary). Perhaps we’re not as effective evangelists as we might be because we lack the patience, grace, love, or skills needed to charitably converse with people we disagree with. And thanks for having the integrity to write what you believe. —KEITH ROHRER / Gordonville, Pa.

I didn't agree with your desire to see another candidate replace Trump, but I'm dismayed that people are canceling subscriptions over that. If we only take in our own point of view, how can we expect to grow in faith and Christian discernment? As far as we're concerned, your magazine is a keeper! —JULIE BRINK / Hortonville, Wis.

I am optimistic that Trump will be a true conservative, support life, and be a great president. But I believe your call for him to step aside was justified because a leader's morals and character matter. Thank you for standing up for your Biblical convictions. —ANDREW GIBSON / Savannah, Ga.

‘Hey world, how’s nonintervention working?’

Oct. 29  |  This column was a really good reminder of my responsibility to others in this world. If others suffer, I should be concerned. Thank you for calling me back to God's call to care for my neighbor. —JIM POULIN / Chandler, Ariz.

‘Fake news: the bigger culprits’

Dec. 31  |  I love that you pointed out the enduring fake news theme of transitional forms in the fossil record. —VINCE KLUTH on