Anti-white indoctrination

Race Issues | A classroom discussion on race divides rather than heals
by La Shawn Barber
Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, at 4:55 pm

It’s easy to feel “edgy” when most of the politicians, academics, and news and entertainment media share your beliefs. In general, leftists, including the one in the White House, want to weaken gun rights, religious freedom for Christians, and immigration enforcement, to name a few items on their agenda. They call facts racist and attempt to suppress dissent.

In a recent column, I proposed that men push back against presently fashionable anti-male rhetoric, just as Christians must do with the government’s efforts to infringe on their right to live as Christians. As a black woman, I have similar hopes for white people.

There is no doubt that the media and other liberals push anti-white sentiment. One teacher was shameless enough to say that being white is a problem. A high school student in Oklahoma recorded him telling the class that “to be white is to be racist, period.” This kind of talk should upset and frustrate anyone, no matter what race or ethnicity. Christian parents and others who don’t want the government indoctrinating their children that homosexuality is normal or that being white is evil should take their children out. Certainly, no Christian should teach their children these things. From a report from KFOR in Oklahoma City about a Norman, Okla., teacher:

“In the recording you hear the teacher ask, ‘Am I racist? And I say yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like I choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?’

“‘I felt like he was encouraging people to kind of pick on people for being white,’ the student said.

“‘Why is it okay to demonize one race to children that you are supposed to be teaching a curriculum to,’ her dad asked.”

The student should be offended, even if she didn’t happen to have Hispanics in her family, but we get the point. The lecture supposedly was about how to heal the racial divide. How is calling whites racist because they’re white healing? In a statement, Norman Public Schools Superintendent Joe Siano wrote that racism is an important topic discussed in the schools, and the teacher shared what he’d heard from a lecture he attended. “We regret that the discussion was poorly handled,” Siano wrote. “When the district was notified of this concern it was immediately addressed. We are committed to ensuring inclusiveness in our schools.”

The discussion about demonizing an entire race was “poorly handled.” Understated a bit. Does discussing racism include the racism of other races besides white people? Is our government teaching white children to hate themselves and their ancestors? Parents of any race or ethnicity should not put up with the anti-male, anti-Christian, and anti-white indoctrination of their children.

God created us for His glory, and the diversity of characteristics among His creatures is a part of that glory. The human part of His creation is made in His image. Racial and ethnic strife are the consequences of sin, and we’re fallen. But a gracious and merciful God loves us all regardless of race, sex, or nationality.

La Shawn Barber

La Shawn writes about culture, faith, and politics. Her work has appeared in the Christian Research Journal, Christianity Today, the Washington Examiner, and other publications

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  • RP
    Posted: Thu, 10/20/2016 08:09 am

    Thank You

  • Mom65
    Posted: Thu, 10/20/2016 10:22 am

    Agreed.  Thank you.

  • Laura W
    Posted: Thu, 10/20/2016 07:07 pm

    Thanks, you really are a breath of fresh air sometimes. But how does one answer people who say (or imply) that white=racist, without sounding like a pridful jerk? (Oh, not me, I totally don't have that problem.) Especially since I doubt that any of us are entirely blameless on this issue anyway.

  • JM
    Posted: Fri, 10/21/2016 03:37 pm

    Susan Wise Bauer makes the point in the introduction to one of her history books (I believe in Story of The World, Vol IV) that the history of the world is the long story of the oppressed rising up, overcoming their oppressor, seizing power, and eventually becoming the oppressor of others.  The cultural context can vary.  The theme is remarkably consistent. 

    The one thing we can say: to be in power over another is a dangerous thing, whether you are black, white, or a teacher.

    Posted: Sat, 10/22/2016 09:38 am

    The teacher in this case appeared to be a freshly-minted teacher.  Evidently, he was just parroting what he heard at college.  Perhaps the real culprit is our universities, not the teacher.  In general, public universities are an enemy of what is good and just.  Yet we still send our children there, allow our state legislatures to send them billions in tax money, and support their football teams with abandon.

  • RMF
    Posted: Thu, 11/10/2016 11:52 pm

    Our nation is in trouble.