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Punam Kumar Gill (Mighty Truth Productions Inc. )



Pro-abortion filmmaker exposes the truth about the abortion–breast cancer link

Punam Kumar Gill once believed that claims linking abortion to breast cancer were “pro-life scare attempts.” The pro-abortion filmmaker’s own investigation culminated in Hush, a bombshell documentary she wrote and directed that seems to explode every medical establishment equivocation about the abortion–breast cancer (ABC) link.

To expose the truth, Gill didn’t need to resort to clandestine recordings of abortionists. Numerous studies supporting the ABC link and the benefits of motherhood already exist in the medical literature. Jeanette Joyce, a breast-imaging specialist, summarizes the research.

“The best scenario to have healthy breasts,” Joyce says, “is to have many children, to start early, and to breastfeed.” Simply put, pregnancy helps protect women. The risk of breast cancer jumps about 30 percent after one abortion and skyrockets in women who have multiple abortions or delay their first pregnancy past age 35.

From interviewees’ testimony, Gill doubts abortionists ever inform women of breast cancer risks. She likens the medical community’s ABC link cover-up to Big Tobacco’s decadeslong disinformation campaign to hide the dangers of smoking. She charges the National Cancer Institute, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and other ABC deniers with “scientific misconduct [that] is truly inconceivable.”

As the film’s endocrinologists explain it, abortion interrupts the breasts’ cellular journey toward milk-producing maturation, making breast tissue vulnerable to cancerous growth. In the film, pro-life surgeon Angela Lanfranchi weeps over the many post-abortive women in their 20s and 30s who’ve come to her in advanced stages of breast cancer.

Although Gill maintains her belief in a “right” to abortion (a puzzling conclusion), her courageous voice is precisely the one needed to confront the medical establishment.


  • Katie
    Posted: Thu, 09/01/2016 10:46 am

    Wow. More women need to hear about this!

  •  Melissa D's picture
    Melissa D
    Posted: Thu, 09/01/2016 11:17 am

    I'm deadset against abortion, but I wonder if this statistic also ranks with women that have had miscarriages. Not that they could do anything about it.

  • theedwards6
    Posted: Tue, 09/06/2016 05:51 pm

    My (admittedly small) understanding is that miscarriages work differently.  They are a natural process that involves a tapering off of hormones vs. the abrupt disruption that comes from abortion.

  • Michael Eichler
    Posted: Thu, 09/01/2016 01:33 pm

    Agee with Katie, this is important information that more people need to know.

    I also agree that Punam Gill's belief in the "right" to abort is puzzling especially based on the information she has put together to make the case for women to not abort.

    And I am unable to mentally align the "right" to abort to the "right" to smoke as a person's right to smoke does not consistently result in the death of another person each time a tobacco (cigarette, pipe, or cigar) is lit up, so I cannot equate her thinking in that regard.

  • JerryM
    Posted: Thu, 09/01/2016 06:24 pm

    We need a second Hush movie documenting the scientific misconduct regarding research on same-sex parenting.