McCrory seeks changes to restroom bill

Transgenderism | Executive order requests revocation of lawsuit provision and makes sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 4/12/16, 05:17 pm

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory attempted today to respond to backlash against his state with an executive order clarifying a controversial law about public restrooms, privacy, and discrimination.

Executive Order 93 affirmed most of the provisions of HB2, including one that protects public establishments from being forced to allow biological males and females to have access to restrooms and locker rooms of the gender with which they identify. But McCrory also called for notable changes to address concerns about possible discrimination against LGBT people in the state, including expanding the state’s employment policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes and overturning limits on employee lawsuits established in HB2.

“North Carolina proudly welcomes all people to live, work, and visit our great state,” McCrory said in a video message announcing the executive order. “After listening to people’s feedback for the past several weeks on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of misinformation, misinterpretation, confusion, a lot of passion, and frankly, selective outrage and hypocrisy, especially against the great state of North Carolina.”

Republican Philip Berger, the president pro tempore of the North Carolina Senate, praised McCrory’s order but expressed doubt it would quell the law’s detractors.

“Gov. McCrory just put to rest the left’s lies about HB2 and proved it allows private and public employers, non-profits and churches the ability to adopt nondiscrimination policies that are stronger than state and federal law,” Berger said in a statement posted to Facebook, adding that the law’s liberal opponents “will never stop trashing North Carolina until they achieve their goal of allowing any man into any women’s bathroom or locker room at any time simply by claiming to feel like a woman.”

McCrory’s executive order addressed the right of employees to bring discrimination claims against employers in state court, a prickly legal issue raised in HB2 but rarely mentioned in media coverage, which focused mostly on the bill’s rules about single-sex restrooms in public buildings and schools. One sentence in HB2 eliminated the ability of employees to sue their bosses for discrimination on any grounds in state court, a right North Carolinians—and residents of most other states—had before the bill passed. Only legislators can change that provision in the bill, but McCrory said he has the authority to make the protected classes distinction without lawmakers’ approval. 

Two attorneys who have represented North Carolina Republican legislators told The Charlotte Observer they supported the change because funneling discrimination suits to federal court simplifies the process for employees and employers. But neither of them knew why or how the language was included in the bill, begging the question of whether legislators meant to make such a broad change. Republican Rep. Dan Bishop of Charlotte, HB2’s main sponsor, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

McCrory’s response to negative feedback about HB2 echoed the actions of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence a year ago, when LGBT activists mounted a nationwide campaign against his state for instituting a law protecting the rights of people who might be asked to violate their sincere religious beliefs by participating in same-sex marriage ceremonies. North Carolina’s law addressed a different area of public conduct—restroom usage—but in both cases the governors took steps to affirm LGBT rights after backlash from advocates and businesses that called their newly enacted laws discriminatory. 

Since HB2’s passage on March 23, businesses, other state governors, and celebrities have pressured North Carolina to repeal the law. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and others filed suit against the state in federal court. 

Whether McCrory’s executive order will appease those critics remains to be seen. Sarah Preston, the North Carolina director for the ACLU, called the executive order a “poor attempt to save face.”

“Efforts to divide the LGBT community by extending limited protections but leaving in place the rules mandating discrimination against the transgender community will only strengthen our resolve to fight back,” Preston said.

Lynde Langdon

Lynde is a WORLD Digital’s managing editor and reports on popular and fine arts. She lives in Wichita, Kan., with her husband and two daughters. Follow Lynde on Twitter @lmlangdon.

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  •  Paul B. Taylor's picture
    Paul B. Taylor
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    The question that we must ask is, why don't the LGBT people go to different vendor when a Christian vendor refuses to make a wedding cake because that would violate that vendor's religious foundation?  If the Christian says that this is what or she believes and refuses the service, all the LGBT has to do is go around the corner to the other bakery which is not Christian.  The answer is tyranny.  The LGBT says this is what I believe: I will force you to accept me. They are identifying Christians and Christian businesses and systematically stopping them using legislation and big money corporations.  This applies to all of the gender identity issues, including the insane gender confusion found in males and females being allowed to use the same bathroom.   Clearly, they are at war with Christianity and are attempting to drown out its religious practice.  This persecution of those with sincere religious faith is really a fight against Christian power in society and government so that their lifestyle will be affirmed by the majority of Americans.  Thus, by using civil rights language, including discrimination language, as weapons against the Word of God, they are moving America to a place without God because their way of life does not have the approval of the Bible.

  • Isaiah3322
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    I always wondered how Lot could have lived in Sodom knowing how perverted the society was. Now, after the last several years of our nations moral free-fall, I can give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe it wasn't so bad when he moved there. It could have deteriorated as fast as it is in our society today. If there is a parallel to our nation today, the outcome will not be good. This is a time for all to read and reflect on 2 Kings 17:6-24 concerning the fall of Israel for their rejection of the one true God. Shame on Gov. McCrory and Mike Pence for giving in to what they know is abominable to God!  

  • Travis's picture
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    You're trying to compromise with the LGBT crowd? Good luck with that.

  • socialworker
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    I don't know that we've forgotten God as much as rejected Him.  Forgotten sounds kind of passive.  Some in our nation have actively pushed Him and his instructions away and want to replace it with whatever seems good and expedient to them.

  • Jkirk77
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    I am amazed and sadden that so many have fallen prey to the fraud perpetrated by LGBT extremist.Any ground gained by the LGBT extremist is dangerous.

  • Just Me Mr V's picture
    Just Me Mr V
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    I am honored to be called Christian.  Sadly, I no longer feel pride in being called an American.  As Alexander Solzhenitzyn, the famous Russian historian and novelist, has said concerning the demise of his beloved but totalitarian Russia during his lifetime:"Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: "Men have forgotten God; that's why
    all this has happened." Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have
    already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened.”
    Eloquently spoken. Very sadly, true for our country as well.  We, too, have forgotten God.  And for much of secularized America, rejected His existence.  The results surround us daily.

  • creekmama
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    I think it's a mistake to back pedal.  Leftist and LGBT activists will not stop until they get everything they want.  So far they have not shown an inclination to compromise.  They'll just shout "Hater!  Hater!  Hater!" until they get their way.

  • William Peck 1958's picture
    William Peck 1958
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    There are way too many laws on the books.Is it really true that "gender identify" are "sexual orientation" are protected classes? I mean, I'm oriented toward girls (for the sake of the argument) and my gender identify is male. So am I now in a protected class ? Does the law clarify this ?Bizarro world.

  • Christian_Prof
    Posted: Thu, 04/21/2016 02:26 pm

    Coward. Stand for your principals. Tell spineless corporations to screw off. And seriously, WHO CARES about the faux-outrage of the hour by the PC crowd? Or perhaps you are backing down (somewhat) because this really was all just politics to you, and not something that is a sincerely held religious belief. If that is the case, then the cries of "bigot" are going to hit a little close to home.