Globe Trot: ISIS razes historic Palmyra piece by piece

by Mindy Belz
Posted 8/31/15, 02:22 pm

SYRIA: At the ancient Palmyra site, Islamic State militants are attempting to destroy the Temple of Baal, a Roman-era structure, here seen from space. Oxford archaeologist Robert Bewler predicts Palmyra will be razed piece by piece, “to keep the publicity machine running.”

SYRIA/IRAQ: A forthcoming book reveals how the United States went after Islamic militants in the old days of the U.S. surge of 2007-08.

IRAN: The Washington Post says President Barack Obama is approaching magical number 34, the number of Senators needed to sustain a veto of an expected resolution opposing his Iran deal. The report comes a week after 200 retired military commanders urged Congress to oppose the nuclear agreement. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced she will give an address on the deal Sept. 9.

MIGRANTS: On a highway between Vienna and Budapest, 71 migrants were found dead of suffocation last week, highlighting a crisis driven by conflict that has seen more than 11 million refugees in one year taking flight from their homelands. Some commentators are blaming the crisis on climate change, with little to no data supporting the contention. That helps Americans and Brits not think about the vacuum their withdrawals created while Islamic militancy is on the rise: “All those people who’d hoped Afghanistan would become peaceful now realize it may not improve anytime soon.”

THAILAND: The man- and now woman-hunt for suspects in the Bangkok bombing stays confusing and unconventional, with the general in charge of the investigation pledging his own assets for information leading to the perpetrators.

Mindy Belz

Mindy is senior editor of WORLD Magazine and the author of They Say We Are Infidels. Follow Mindy on Twitter @mcbelz.

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