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The tipping point?

The tipping point?

Dr. Deborah Nucatola in an undercover video. (Center for Medical Progress)

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is a $1 billion behemoth that receives more than $300 million a year from the U.S. government. That’s made it a target of pro-life organizations for decades—though mostly to no avail. Planned Parenthood remains the largest abortion provider in the country.

But that could be about to change, thanks in large part to a 26-year-old activist with a video camera.

David Daleiden and his group Center for Medical Progress are in the process of releasing a series of videos he says show Planned Parenthood senior executives involved in selling baby body parts. The first video showed PPFA Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola admitting to using partial-birth abortions to get intact body parts to sell. The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a felony.

The video created an instant uproar. Presidential candidates including Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, and House Speaker John Boehner called for an investigation. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley wrote a July 15 letter to Planned Parenthood demanding records and information, including “the total amount of revenue generated by Planned Parenthood’s provision of fetal tissue.”

PPFA President Cecile Richards had to react: She released a video saying the money PPFA took for the baby parts was for transportation and administrative costs, and the organization did not make money on the transactions.

That motivated Daleiden to release a second video on July 21 showing another PPFA senior executive—Dr. Mary Gatter, the president of PPFA’s Medical Directors’ Council—haggling over the price of body parts and offering to use abortion methods that will not destroy the parts—what she calls “less crunchy techniques.” Federal law says abortion providers cannot alter the timing and method of abortions for the purpose of fetal tissue collection.

At one point in the video, after pushing the undercover actors to pay a higher price, Gatter jokes, “I want a Lamborghini.”

How did Daleiden get these videos? “We conducted a 30-month-long investigative journalism project,” he said. He said he spent months networking and building relationships. “You can’t just walk in off the street and get meetings and lunch dates with these people.” Daleiden, who is the only full-time employee of the Center for Medical Progress, said he attended six different abortion industry trade shows, including a March 2015 event hosted by the National Abortion Federation, an association of abortion providers. 

Daleiden also printed business cards and letterhead, and created a fictitious business designed to convince PPFA officials that he was in the business of fetal tissue procurement. “We established a front company, including a website,” he said. “We modeled ourselves after existing companies in the industry that were already harvesting fetal body parts.” One of those companies, California-based StemExpress issued a statement “regarding recent media reports,” saying in part, “StemExpress prides itself on complying with all laws.”

According to Daleiden, the 30-month undercover effort cost about $125,000. Troy Newman is the president of Operation Rescue and one of three members of the board of the Center for Medical Progress. (The other two are Daleiden and pro-life activist Albin Rhomberg. Rhomberg is no stranger to undercover photo projects.  In 1982, Rhomberg gained entry to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and took photos of aborted babies seized in a raid on an abortion facility. Rhomberg’s photos were some of the first to expose the practice of late-term abortions.) Newman said the money came from Operation Rescue and a small number of “pro-life benefactors.”

If the two videos already released don’t do the job, said Daleiden: “We have thousands of hours of video and audio. This is not all we have. This is just the beginning.”


  • zonie
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    Said one of the companies procuring harvested body parts: "StemExpress prides itself on complying with all laws." Laws do not equal morality.  Just because something may be legal does not make it right or moral or ethical.  Similarly, something illegal is not necessarily immoral.  As Dr. M. L. King famously quoted Augustine in "Letter From a Birmingham jail," an unjust law is no law at all.  Increasingly we seem to be a society/culture where right is wrong and wrong is right, where up is down and black is white (that's not a racial comment).  We have lost our way in the darkness we have brought upon ourselves, and when nothing is right or wrong on the basis of any objective standard, we should not be surprised at outcomes such as this.   

  • ERDoc
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    Excellent point MWP.  There seems to be secular priests (the Media and Academia) that controls the secularists' opinions and thoughts and lets them know when something deviates from their definition of "acceptable" (i.e. heresy). This apparently is not one of those topics, too close to their Doctrine of Abortion for their preference.  Pardon the point, but if you close your eyes and listen to the audio of the video alone, it almost sounds like Dr Nucatola could be dining on the babies' organs that she is harvesting.  And in effect, isn't she??

  • MTJanet
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    Love this strategy. Maybe this will finally turn the corner on exposing the dark deeds that planned barrenhood has done for decades.  We in the pro-life movement have fought this every which way, but this seems to be getting some attention at the federal level.  In the meantime, it is one more baby saved from death and one more woman saved from walking wounded at the pro-life clinics and other places where we can reach them with God's hope and love.  

  • Buddy's picture
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    I'm pro-life and worked with RTL, we have known for years baby body parts were being sold by PP. Like the following it has been ignored by the main stream media. For more than the last decade I have tried to bring forth the information with little response that over 80% of babies aborted in the U.S. are from unwed women. PP supports fornication. I don't understand why the Churches are so silent on addressing this important New Testament subject. A number of times we are clearly directed to refrain from fornication. Had we been the light on this would we be facing gay marriage now? Even now the cause of our abortions is not being addressed in our many Churches. Is there such an underling condemnation of the parents that the innocent baby is condemned also and felt better off dead? We must Speak the Truth in Love, Light exposes the dangers, does it not? God is wise to call some things sin, because sin damages or destroys relationships. Lust supporting abortions degrade the love a society has for its children. Defund PP and save many lives.

  • socialworker
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    I'm kind of tired of being told I'm not outraged enough over abortion, the nation's debt, ISIS, and homelessness.  I can show as much outrage as I can muster and stand on my head and even set myself on fire and it won't change the nation's laws and processes.  What it will do is tear me up inside, upset my family and endanger my mental health.  No, instead of showing outrage, I'm taking it to the Lord in prayer and asking Him to change our course and change minds.  I can't do it by my outrage.

  • Tishaod
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    The thought of the videos is not disturbing to me .  What is disturbing is that this barbaric murder goes on day and day with no one to intervene.  No one outraged over the lives taken.  We just bury our heads in the sand and refuse to look.  

  • bwsmith's picture
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    Isaiah said God says He holds out His hands -- asking we return -- but we in our puff-upedness say no way. The tapes are are convicting evidence our world has no excuse when asked why didn't rescue those led to the slaughter. Hoping and praying some may see and return to God and turn from their opinions that abortion is ok. 

  • socialworker
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    I can't stand the thought of these kinds of videos being relentlessly dribbled out to the public and having to be exposed to them weekly.  I really will have to stop watching the news.

  • Midwest preacher
    Posted: Mon, 04/11/2016 11:59 am

    One of the most interesting things about the selective moral outrage of the public is the way they wait for certain media outlets to tell them when they should be upset.  That or the media outlets only cover protests over certain things.  The cold blooded attitude of these elites is amazing and yet the public seems not to be outraged.