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Letters from our readers


December 13

‘The light of the sun in a dark basement’

Your Daniel of the Year choices and articles are both convicting and inspiring, and I really enjoyed reading about what some of the former Daniels are doing now.

Nita Hickam / Biddeford, Maine

Thanks for the wonderful issue. Christians urgently need to engage themselves in helping the needy world around us. At 65 I’m thinking of how I may use my remaining years to serve the Lord. The annual Daniel awards offer many ways we can consider serving.

Gregory E. Reynolds / Manchester, N.H.

Terrific story about a great man.

John Pummel on Facebook

‘I kissed Fox goodbye’

Reliance on a single source of news, even WORLD, seems to me shortsighted and narrow. I also use Fox and The Weekly Standard because thoughtful and accurate secular news can add depth to my worldview.

Donald A. Seeks / Reedley, Calif.

News can easily consume our time. I will “kiss Fox goodbye”—well, not completely—but how will I use this extra hour or two per day for something with eternal consequences?

Bob Ostrich / Apache Junction, Ariz.

Thank you! The hourly regurgitation drives me bonkers, but until reading this column I did not feel convicted of my obsessive need to be tuned in to make sure nothing terrible is happening.

Linda Wright / Phoenix, Ariz.

‘That infamous day’

Thank you for telling Dad’s story. I appreciate the effort that went into the article and the accuracy of J.C. Derrick’s reporting. It should not surprise me that Dad still suffers flashbacks from that day, but he had not shared that with us.

Gary Cornelison / Virginia Beach, Va.

Great reporting. Thanks for tracking down these four survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor and preserving their heroic and noteworthy stories.

Lisa Poleynard / Seneca, S.C.

My father, who would be 95 today, served two tours in the Pacific theater during World War II. He was aboard a troop ship that was torpedoed off the coast of New Hebrides and floated in the ocean for several hours before being picked up. He fought against the Japanese yet had great respect for them.

Redeemed Sinner on

‘Back to the future of bad ideas’

Janie B. Cheaney’s column on Isaiah Berlin and the dangers of seeking an earthly paradise is wonderful and profound. I loved her insight that tolerance cannot be absolute because it requires an external reference point. Rationality is just the same. Reason can only proceed from premises to conclusions, and so requires a deposit of truth from which to reason. Only God is the source of truth more basic than reason.

Bill Hensley / Sugar Land, Texas

Apologists for communism used to trot out the cliché, “To make an omelette you’ve got to break a few eggs.” Eugene Lyons, who chronicled the suffering of ordinary Russians under their communist masters, had the perfect response: “Fine. Show me the omelette.”

Sawgunner on

‘Obama he stands’

One newspaper awarded the president an “upside-down” Pinocchio for doing a flip-flop on his ability to take action on immigration, and another gave him a “half-truth” rating for claiming he was in line with the actions of preceding presidents. If I could pretend to be detached, I would marvel at his ability to tweak the noses of Republicans, and be equally astonished at their poor ability to respond.

North African Man on

Is Nancy Pelosi insulting the intelligence of the public or counting on general ignorance about what the Emancipation Proclamation did and didn’t do?

Narissara on

‘From betrayal to compassion’

I applaud you for this series on the Balkans. It is fantastic journalism in my opinion.

Doug Wright / Renton, Wash.

‘Repetitive history’

This good article illustrates a centuries-old reality about Islam that so many people want to hope is not true, despite mountains of evidence.

Steve Socal on

Islamic slaughter is much more than the horror of beheadings. About 100 years ago the Islamic Ottoman Turks systematically slaughtered about 1.5 million Christian Armenians by very cruel methods.

Richard H on


My heavens. You quote the jihadis in Jerusalem saying, “God is great!” as they attacked. But they actually said, “Allah is great!” and that most certainly is not the same thing.

Melvin Lee / Dover, Pa.

Who invited Muslim imams to lead an Islamic prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral? Will the Muslim imams reciprocate and invite Christian pastors to lead a Christian prayer service at a prominent Islamic mosque? If Muslims kill people accused of burning a page of their holy book, what will they do if Christians hold a prayer meeting in a mosque?

Jim Craig / Richland Center, Wis.

‘Forgotten survivors’

Some men live to die for the glory of murdering enemies while others live to die for the privilege of serving others. The great contrast is invisible to the spiritually blind.

Neil Evans on

‘Temporary housing’

Thank you to Andrée Seu Peterson. Having lost my parents in a short time frame, and now going through the process of selling the family home, I cling to the promise that “this world is not our home.”

Diane L on

‘In layman’s terms’

I enjoyed reading Marvin Olasky’s interview with my high-school speech and debate teacher, Randy Singer. He is indeed a good storyteller. I can still remember details, including voice inflection and gestures, of the sample impromptu speech he gave on rats. It was both fascinating and horrifying, and to this day I am terrified of them.

Amy Brautigam / Houghton, N.Y.

‘Remote control’

Does anyone find this experiment—remotely transferring knowledge between brains—alarming? It’s easy to imagine this being used for brainwashing. It could be another excellent example of technology far outstripping ethics.

Cherievon on

‘Anger: a lot like sex’

I read so many articles that have me shaking my head and literally weeping for humanity. It’s refreshing to read one written with real thought.

Kirk Duhon on Facebook

November 29

‘Interpretive dance’

I found your article about the BioLogos Foundation quite interesting. If Christians fervently believe that God will bring them literally from “the dust of the ground” to glory, why do some wrestle with the reality that He did it that way the first time?

Bob Harrelson / Edneyville, N.C.

The tragedy of the BioLogos story is that believers, forgetting the warning of Colossians 2:8, are being taken captive by the hollow and deceptive philosophy of the world. Will those who don’t believe the literal creation of Adam and Eve next deny the resurrection of Christ?

Stefan A.D. Bucek / San Jose, Calif.

November 1

‘Fire and Fury

I was excited to see the movie after reading your review as I’m a serious tank fanatic. What a disappointment. I served my country for 32 years, and this movie does not represent the men and women of honor with whom I served.

Wes Loffert / Charlottesville, Va.

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