No clues in disappearance of Missouri pro-life leader's wife

by Gary Cumberland
Posted 12/05/14, 10:05 am

When Lynn Messer disappeared on July 8, was it foul play? The 52-year-old wife of Kerry Messer, a conservative lobbyist and president of the Missouri Family Network, vanished in the middle of the night from her home on a 120-acre farm in Bloomsdale, Mo. She left without her cell phone and other personal items.

By all accounts, Lynn Messer’s marriage of nearly 35 years was a happy one on the farm that she and her husband loved. The night before she vanished, Messer taught a vacation Bible school class before coming home to work on craft projects and plan for an upcoming Sunday school picnic. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The only apparent negative in Messer’s life was constant hip pain that had persisted despite hip replacement surgery. She had recently been placed on a new pain medication. She had no history of depression.

The Saint Genevieve Sheriff’s office has continued to pursue all incoming leads. Det. Austin Clark said some family members have taken lie detector tests, but no one in the family is considered a suspect. Police with dogs have exhaustively searched the farm and found no clues, and a search through home computer files led nowhere. 

A “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook page has helped to coordinate volunteer search efforts. After devoting himself completely to the search for his wife, Kerry Messer has recently announced that he will be re-engaging in his lobbying efforts at the Missouri capital.The Saint Genevieve County Sheriff tip line—573-883-5820, ext. 27463—is still awaiting a breakthrough.

Gary Cumberland

Gary Cumberland is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute’s mid-career class.

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