Does the GOP have anyone who can take Hillary in 2016?

by Kent Covington
Posted 7/17/14, 02:08 pm

Despite a couple of recent missteps, Hillary Clinton remains the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nod. Meanwhile, with no obvious leader in the GOP field, Republican voters ask, which White House hopeful is best equipped to defeat Clinton?

Her pre-announcement campaign has been far from perfect. Last month, she infamously said she and President Bill Clinton were dead broke when they left the White House. Days later, she said they weren’t like the trulywealthy because they made their money through hard work—the hard work of public speaking, that is, from which they have piled up $100 million in honoraria since leaving the the White House.

Class warfare has been the weapon of choice for President Barack Obama. He has positioned himself as somebody who fights for working people to keep the rich from taking advantage of them. If rich people are the boogeyman, that’s a problem for Hillary Clinton. 

The Democrats say not all rich people are bad, just ones like Mitt Romney who pay taxes at a lower capital gains rate instead of the income taxes people like the Clintons pay. That distinction will probably be lost on many voters who have spent the last eight years hearing that the rich are getting richer at their expense.

If Republicans nominate someone with working class appeal, then eight years of focusing on class politics may backfire on Democrats in 2016. Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida, has real working-class appeal. He hasn’t been talked about as much in recent months as a top-tier presidential contender, but, in terms of candidates best equipped to beat Clinton, he’s near the top. 

He’s got effortless blue-collar appeal that will be critical for Republicans. His grandparents immigrated to the United States from Cuba. His parents worked blue-collar jobs. He’s believable when he speaks about working-class concerns. His resume isn’t as long as that of some other candidates, but, assuming he runs, he’ll be formidable.

Rubio spoke to a closed group of religious freedom attorneys and invitees last week at the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Legal Academy. WORLD News Group has exclusive audio of that speech accompanying Kent Covington’s analysis of the upcoming presidential election:

Rubio’s full, 30-minute speech at the Alliance Defending Freedom is also available to WORLD News Group members.