WORLD's Top 25 articles for 2013

2013 News Of The Year | The 25 articles that generated the most reader traffic on WORLD’s website this year
by Mickey McLean
Posted 12/30/13, 09:45 am

1. The ‘new legalism’

RELIGION | How the push to be ‘radical’ and ‘missional’ discourages ordinary people in ordinary places from doing ordinary things to the glory of God | By Anthony Bradley | May 4

2. John Piper on homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY | A thoughtful pastor’s teaching on what the Apostle Paul says about homosexual behavior in his letter to the Romans | By John Piper | April 13

3. Rapper calls out Osteen, prosperity preachers

MUSIC | Christian rapper Shai Linne releases a song that calls out prosperity gospel preachers by name, including Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, and the entire Trinity Broadcasting Network | By Angela Lu | April 9

4. Rear admiral vows to continue sharing faith

RELIGION | Coast Guard officer spoke 'from the heart' at Thursday's National Day of Prayer observance in Washington, D.C. | By J.C. Derrick | May 2

5. The Bible and homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY | A reminder of what God’s Word has to say about homosexual conduct, a teaching many believers increasingly prefer to forget | By Wayne Grudem | April 6

6. Groban flees set of racy show

TELEVISION | Singer Josh Groban left the set of Jenny McCarthy’s new TV talk show earlier this month after discovering that go-go dancers would be a part of the taping | By Tiffany Owens | Feb. 26

7. A biblical and scientific Adam

SCIENCE | A challenge to evangelicals who have backed away from an historic Adam, using a theologically informed look at ape ancestry genetic claims | By Vern S. Poythress | May 18

8. John Piper on homosexuality, Part 2

HOMOSEXUALITY | More ‘brilliant exposition’ from Romans, with helpful biblical counsel for homosexuals and parents | By John Piper | April 20

9. An interview with Phil and Kay Robertson

TELEVISION | Before being fired for his biblical beliefs on homosexuality, the Duck Dynasty star and his wife told WORLD what makes their life in Christ so happy, happy, happy | By Emily Whitten | Dec. 19

10. What ex-gay men can teach us about marriage

MARRIAGE | Who better to explain the differences between ‘intergendered’ and ‘monogendered’ unions? | By Sam A. Andreades | June 29

11. Unexpected encounter

PERSECUTION | Iranian President Hassan Rouhani crosses paths with the wife of jailed pastor Saeed Abedini in an answer to prayer | By Emily Belz | Sept. 23

12. Journey of grace

Q&A | From lesbianism to the parking lot to church: An interview with author Rosaria Butterfield | By Marvin Olasky | March 8

13. A letter from Aleppo

SYRIA | A firsthand account from inside Syria’s humanitarian disaster | By A Syrian Doctor | Sept. 7

14. A fair analysis of the new NIV

RELIGION | How the NIV 2011 compares to what was the evangelical standard, the NIV 1984 | By Si Cochran | Dec. 14

15. A life laid down

LIBYA | An American teacher killed in Benghazi strived to ‘treasure Christ above all things’ | By Jamie Dean | Dec. 6

16. Uncommon uprising

EDUCATION | A math problem sparked a statewide revolt against new public education standards in Indiana. And that revolt against Common Core has now gone national | By Daniel James Devine | Sept. 20

17. South Dakota staggers under early blizzard

WEATHER | Record-breaking storm buries cattle and horses under several feet of snow | By Jill Nelson | Oct. 10

18. Father of 18-year-old lesbian calls daughter’s statutory rape charge unfair

HOMOSEXUALITY | Kaitlyn Hunt’s parents have rallied supporters claiming she is being punished for her same-sex relationship with a 14-year-old girl | By Angela Lu | May 30

19. Christian homeschoolers losing deportation fight

HOMESCHOOLING | A family homeschooling safely in rural Tennessee may be forced to return to their native Germany, where the parents likely face huge fines and criminal penalties, and could lose custody of their five school-age children | By Mary Jackson | Feb. 13

20. We’re all broken. What then?

HOMOSEXUALITY | The choices we all make in either turning brokenness into sin or finding ways to avoid sinful behavior | By John Piper | April 27

21. Homosexuals and the church

HOMOSEXUALITY | How can Christians live in a culture that celebrates the gay lifestyle, yet worship among believers who rarely talk about it—except to condemn it? | By Peter Hubbard | Oct. 12

22. Confessions of a 25-year-old Christian virgin

CULTURE | It’s hard being one of the few not ‘doing it’ | By Sophia Lee | March 1 

23. The female holocaust

INDIA | Indian parents killed an estimated 6 million girls in the last decade, but U.S. lawmakers can’t agree on what to do about it | By Daniel James Devine | Sept. 11

24. David Barton is wrong

RELIGION | Two conservative college professors critique Barton’s claims about Thomas Jefferson | By Warren Throckmorton & Michael Coulter | Jan. 22

25. Edith Schaeffer, 1914–2013

OBITUARY | The widow of Francis Schaeffer and co-founder of L’Abri Fellowship is remembered for her humanity, humility, and hospitality | By Chelsea Kolz | March 30

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