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Dispatches Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

St. Peter’s Square (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Easter Sunday  

Many Western Christians will celebrate the Easter holiday on March 31, and Pope Francis will on that day deliver his first Easter message in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Eastern Orthodox churches will celebrate Easter on May 5 this year.

Bible Bee registration 

Registration for the Shelby Kennedy Foundation’s 2013 National Bible Bee begins April 1. Students ages 7 to 18 are eligible to register for the 5th annual Scripture memorization and biblical knowledge contest. Local competitions kick off on Aug. 24 with the top 300 contestants nationwide advancing to the National Bible Bee to compete for cash prizes of $260,000.

Medical exam

In a change announced by the Department of Health and General Medical Council, doctors in the United Kingdom must have their skills checked annually to test that they are fit to practice. The system, called Revalidation, starts for medical leaders in December, and on April 1 for mainstream doctors. Revalidation is described as the biggest change to medical regulation in 150 years.

Masters test  

As cream surely rises to the top, day three of the Masters will require the eventual 2013 winner to card a good round on April 13. The golfing spectacle, one of the PGA’s four major tournaments, begins April 11. And traditionally, the easiest way to win the prized green jacket has been to take a lead on Saturday and coast to victory on Sunday.

Rijksmuseum reopening  

The main portion of the world-famous Rijksmuseum, or state museum of the Netherlands, reopens on April 13 after more than a decade of renovations. The Amsterdam museum, which dates back to 1800, is home to dozens of pieces by Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer—many of which had been moved from their original displays during the construction.