Radcliffe goes from Potter to porn, hopes fans follow

by Whitney Williams
Posted 1/23/13, 09:45 am

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is taking the fantasy genre to an entirely new level, most recently acting out an explicit gay sex scene in a movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

In Kill Your Darlings, Radcliffe, who plays gay poet Allen Ginsberg, goes completely nude in a far-from-magical “love” scene with another man, makes out with co-star Dane DeHaan, and also appears in another sex scene with a library clerk while DeHaan’s character looks on.

As far as Potter fans being duped into watching porn because of him—one can only hope, Radcliffe said.

"I don't care why people come and see films," Radcliffe said in an interview alongside DeHaan. “If they come and see a film about the beat poets because they saw me in Harry Potter, fantastic. That's a wonderful thing. I feel like I have an opportunity to capitalize on Potter by doing work that might not otherwise get attention. If I can help get a film like this attention, that's without doubt, that's a great thing."

According to the Associated Press, Kill Your Darlings premiered Friday afternoon at Sundance's main theater just as classes were letting out at an adjacent high school. A group of teenage girls rushed from the school to the back of the theater, hoping to get a glimpse of the star they’d long followed.

Sadly, for parents of Potter fans like these, this isn’t the first time the boy wizard has disrobed. He also stripped down in his Broadway debut, Equus.

"There was a generation of people who maybe wouldn't have gone to see a production of Equus, had I not been in it, that came to see Equus," Radcliffe said. "Even if they came for the wrong reasons, you know, we got them there, and they stayed, and they watched. And they stayed for the right reasons."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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