Spring Break (broke)

by Megan Dunham
Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2009, at 3:34 pm

For as long as I can remember, I have lived on a school-year calendar: The bulk of the work takes place September-May, with a long summer break from June to August, a two-week Christmas break in December, and a week off sometime in the spring.

Now that I'm in charge of the school-year calendar, I continue to fall into that same routine. Part of it is out of functionality---my husband, Craig, is a school teacher, so it makes sense for all of us to take time off when he does--but part of it is out of sheer necessity, as this homeschooing mama needs a break.

This week, as we are on said spring break, I took my girls to Oklahoma to visit my parents for a few days while Craig plays Bob the Builder on a renovation project at home. I brought nothing to do, and part of me is going insane having nothing to do. The other part of me, however, is slowly---very slowly---starting to relax a bit . . . and that's what I need right now.

My problem is that I don't rest when I should and can't turn my brain off to get a decent night's sleep. When I can't sleep, I think of Psalm 127:2: ". . . for he grants sleep to those he loves." Uh-oh.

Now don't worry: I know better. I'm not sleeping not because God doesn't love me; I'm not sleeping because I don't know how to enjoy his good gift of rest. Perhaps if I were to more faithfully submit to God's (and my husband's) call to weekly Sabbaths, these longer breaks would be the blessings they're meant to be instead of the burdens I sometimes feel they are.

When I've rested as I should, I'm usually ready to return to the work to which I'm called. I know that is true for this week, and I think it would be true for every week . . . if only I would rest as I should.

How about you? Do you take a proper weekly Sabbath rest? What's your philosophy on taking breaks from the school-year calendar/mentality?