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Dispatches Quotables

"My head is about ready to explode."

White House aide Karl Rove, during a lunch with reporters and editors from The Washington Times, on receiving 68 polls a week for Senate, gubernatorial, and House races.

"We're getting printed letters with the letter 'U' standing for 'you.' And this kid wants to be hired in a communications position!"

Bob Killian, founder of Killian Advertising in Chicago, on the effect text-messaging has had on the grammar skills of job applicants.

"Although it often plays a crucial role in Hollywood's onscreen dramas, faith falls somewhere down between humility and obesity on the scale of the industry's most public traits."

Los Angeles Times entertainment reporter Jay A. Fernandez on the surprising upcoming (Dec. 1) release of the biblically inspired film The Nativity Story.

"Every time his heart pumps, it's like a razor blade, it just keeps cutting."

Catherine Bertakis, before doctors removed a stingray barb that was stuck in the chest of her father, 81-year-old James Bertakis. A stingray reportedly flopped onto his boat off the coast of Florida and stung him when he tried to get it out of the boat.