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Dispatches Quotables

"I'm against their priorities."

Hurricane Katrina refugee ChiQuita Simms on New Orleans officials' planning and paying for Mardi Gras 2006. Ms. Simms, who has been living in an Atlanta hotel with her 14-year-old son, said officials should focus resources on helping displaced residents.

"We'll drive 250 miles and be happy about it."

Albert Rasho, a 35-year-old Iraqi traveling with friends from Las Vegas to Pomona, Calif., to cast absentee ballots in Iraq's parliamentary elections. "I want to see my country free after all Saddam did," he said.

"There's no fireplace in the trailer where we live. How will you get in?"

Question posed to John Vollenweider, who plays Santa Claus at a shopping center in Metairie, La., by a child displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

"You doing that right?"

Condemned killer Stanley "Tookie" Williams as a technician at San Quentin State Prison struggled to insert a needle into his vein to administer a lethal injection (see "Tookie's victims").

"502.4 percent."

Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate in November, as the country's economic nosedive continued.