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Dispatches Quotables

"We're in the first inning of what could be an extra inning ball game."

U.S. Rep. Tom Davis, to baseball executives and players union chiefs at a House committee hearing last week, warning that the hearing would not be the end of the panel's inquiry into steroids in baseball.

"Oh, that was the apple in the purse incident."

Hillary Swank publicist Troy Nankin, questioned about the Oscar-winning star's $150 fine for carrying fruit into New Zealand. The country has tight restrictions on agricultural products entering the country to protect its farming industry, but Ms. Swank says her lawyer will fight the fine in court.

"We have to do an unbranding."

Former presidential candidate John Kerry discussing Democrats and national security with The New Yorker's Jeffrey Goldberg. Mr. Kerry said the Democrats' problems with selling their positions on foreign policy stem from image. "We have to brand more effectively," he said. "It's marketing."

"I told him, 'Yeah, yeah, keep it for your book.'"

Rosie O'Donnell on her response when her son said, "It's so embarrassing having you talk all the time on TV about being gay and you picking me up at school in painter's pants."