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Moral minutemen

We can stop same-sex marriage, but only if we force the issue

Americans face the greatest moral and -spiritual crisis we have confronted since slavery threatened to rend us asunder nearly a century and a half ago. That crisis, same-sex marriage, is being foisted upon us by a criminally arrogant state and federal judiciary that has no regard for the will of the people (two-thirds of whom oppose such unions). Unless the American people rise up and make their moral outrage heard in Washington, D.C., same-sex marriage will become law in all 50 states. When homosexual and lesbian partners go back to their home states clutching their newly minted Massachusetts marriage licenses, they will begin demanding that the federal courts force their home states to recognize their "marriages." Given the Supreme Court's majority opinion in the scandalously sweeping and radical Lawrence decision legalizing homosexual relationships, in all likelihood it will use the Constitution's Full Faith and Credit Clause to demand that all 50 states accept what four radical state supreme court judges have forced on the unwilling people of Massachusetts. This will be a catastrophe for the nation's children. Already a majority (55 percent according to the recent -Hardwired to Connect study) spends a significant portion of childhood and adolescence in single-parent homes with extremely detrimental results. The empirical evidence gathered over the past three decades by experts across many scientific disciplines is that children reared in traditional marriages with a mother and a father have a far better foundation for, and likelihood of, success as stable, healthy, productive adults. The push to legalize homosexual marriage places adults' desire for societal approval of a relationship that fulfills their personal desires as a higher value than society's responsibility to do what is best for children. We have conducted a 30-year experiment on whether fathers are optional accessories in the rearing of children. The devastating results graphically illustrate that dads are crucial to the rearing of healthy, well-adjusted children. If same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land, then even more children will be raised without fathers (if they have two lesbian parents) and some will even be raised without mothers (if they have two male homosexual parents). Until now no one has been foolish enough to argue that motherhood is optional in the rearing of children. As Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. stated in testimony April 28, 2003, before a Massachusetts State Senate Committee: What is known, from decades of research on family structure, studying literally thousands of children, is that every departure from the traditional, stable, mother-father family has severe detrimental effects upon children; and these effects persist not only into adulthood but into the next generation as well. In short, the central problem with mother-mother or father-father families is that they deliberately -institute, and intend to keep in place indefinitely, a family structure known to be deficient. For the sake of the children same-sex marriage must be stopped and only an aroused and activated citizenry can stop it. We must be the moral minutemen of a new American Revolution. We must ratify the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), which will mandate constitutionally that marriage in the United States can only be between a man and a woman. This can and must be done. Federal and state Defense of Marriage Acts (DOMAs) will be overturned by the federal courts. That's the bad news. The good news is that 39 states banned same-sex marriage. If both senators from each of these states voted to approve the FMA, it would have 78 votes (only 67 are required). We, the people, can eat the apple of an FMA one bite at a time. Call your senators and congressmen (202-224-3121) and make it emphatically clear how you feel about this issue and it will pass the Senate and the House and it will be ratified by the required 38 states and it will become part of our beloved Constitution. However, your call won't carry as much weight if you are not prepared to back it up with your vote, and you can't vote if you're not registered. That is why God has led the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission to create a campaign called Pollsters tell us 30 percent of the membership of Southern Baptist and other evangelical churches are not registered to vote. You can't vote if you're not registered. It is your Christian duty to register to vote, to be informed on the issues, and to vote your values. It has never been more important. - Richard Land is president of the Southern Baptist -Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission