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Norah Jones 6 weeks on chart Style

Breathy, after-hours nightclub folk. Worldview

"Now I know I'm ready. / Pour the night into a glass. / Can I sip it slow and make it last?" Overall quality

Tweaks the hushed contours of Miss Jones's octuple-platinum debut just enough to ensure that her fans feel they're getting something new. THE PASSION SOUNDTRACK

John Debney 3 weeks on chart

Style Eerie Middle Eastern-sounding aural panoramas, majestic and gut-churning by turns. Objectionable material

None, obviously, although the graphic black-and-white insert photo of Christ crucified may be inappropriate for children. Worldview

See titles ("Bearing the Cross," "The Stoning," "Song of Complaint," "Flagellation/Dark Choir/Disciples," "Crucifixion"). Overall quality

Suitable for prayer, Bible reading, examining one's conscience, dying to one's self. FALLEN

Evanescence 43 weeks on chart Style

Gothic melodrama, muscle-bound metal. Worldview

Apparently Christian, given Amy Lee's demand of salvation from Christ ("Tourniquet") and Ben Moody's thanking of Him (the liner notes); apparently not quite Christian, given Mr. Moody's now infamous comments in Entertainment Weekly last year: "We're actually high on the Christian charts, and I'm like, What the [obscenity deleted] are we even doing there?" Overall quality

Takes itself too seriously. INTO THE NOW

Tesla 1 week on chart Style

Blue-collar metal for the red states. Worldview

"As the world crashes down, heaven's looking better everyday. / As the sky turns to brown, there's gotta be another way. / Is our God looking down, and does He feel everybody's pain?" ("Heaven Nine Eleven"). Overall quality

As fanfares for the common metal fan go, not bad. CLOSER

Josh Groban 19 weeks on chart Style

The Lloyd-Webber musical meets the PBS fundraiser. Worldview

"Like the sound of silence calling, / I hear your voice and suddenly I'm falling, / lost in a dream. / Like the echoes of our souls are meeting, / You say those words, my heart stops beating.... / At times I can't move. / At times I can't hardly [sic] breathe." Overall quality

With songs in Italian, Spanish, and English, the United Nations of clichés.