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Dispatches Quotables

We're interested in the Anglican Communion holding together not as a club but as a church.

The Very Rev. Peter Karanja, provost of All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Kenya, arguing that the approval of the election of gay Bishop V. Gene Robinson violated "the basic principles of our faith." (See p. 13 and p. 27.)

I'm getting stressed out over this bill.

Denver City Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez on a ballot measure that would require the city to work to reduce stress among the residents of Denver. Resident Jeff Peckman, who collected 2,462 signatures to put the measure on the ballot, includes among his suggestions the playing of soothing music in public places.

Defining a Good Steak: Global Constructions of What Is Considered the Best Red Meat.

One of the topics into which professors were scheduled to sink their teeth at the American Sociological Association's 98th annual meeting (Aug. 15-19). Those preferring a higher cut could show up for "Gender Negotiation in the Skydiving Community."

They hustle, they're prepared ... they're bright.

Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells on Dexter Coakley and Dat Nguyen, linebackers under six feet tall. Coaches typically prefer bigger bodies at that position, but Mr. Coakley is a two-time Pro Bowl honoree and Mr. Nguyen's 172 tackles in 2001 were the second-most in team history. Mr. Nguyen says, "I stretch every day, but I can't be 6'3"."