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"Things happen for a reason, and you can't question it." Chicago Bulls forward Marcus Fizer, after teammate Jay Williams suffered a fractured pelvis and damaged ligaments in his left knee in a motorcycle accident. Mr. Fizer said he had warned Mr. Williams of the risk that riding a motorcycle posed to his career, but "sometimes, we feel like we're invincible." Mr. Williams's injuries will force him to miss next season and may threaten his future in basketball.

"It's an act of vanity I'm not ready to commit to." CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on why he does not dye his prematurely gray hair.

"Every time someone illegally downloads one of my creations, they've in effect broken into my house and made off with a paycheck." Country-music songwriter Chuck Cannon on how online file sharing of copyrighted music threatens his livelihood. The Recording Industry Association of America last week announced a campaign to track down and sue those who illegally trade music over the Internet.

"He wasn't the brightest thief." Arnsberg, Germany, police spokesman Udo Heppe on a robber who broke into a local doctor's office through a skylight, found that he was not tall enough to get back out, and then called the police for help.