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Dispatches Quotables

I don't know if I inhaled or not.

Democratic candidate for Illinois governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH, who acknowledged smoking marijuana in college.

It was easier to find a drunk kid than someone who was sober.

Scarsdale High senior DAVE NAMBAR, on the homecoming party that led school officials in the affluent New York City suburb to temporarily ban school dances. Some 200 inebriated students showed up to the party; five were so knee-walking drunk they had to be hospitalized. Officials will not allow further dances until they are sure the students won't misbehave.

A federal worker can come to work knee-walking drunk and he can't be fired for 30 days.

One possible scenario at the proposed Department of Homeland Security-as colorfully described by Sen. ZELL MILLER (D-Ga.)-if one Senate version of a homeland-security bill is approved as written. The Georgia Democrat and leadership Republicans charge Senate liberals are larding the bill with favors to unions to help bolster reelection hopes.

I'm confronted with a videotape that shows Attila the Hun,no question about it.

Lawyer STEVEN ROSEN, the attorney for Madelyne Gormon Toogood, who was arraigned last week on felony child-battery charges. A surveillance camera caught Mrs. Toogood repeatedly striking and pulling the hair of her 4-year-old daughter. Mr. Rosen recommended that she throw herself "on the mercy of the court."