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Dispatches Quotables

I can understand why people reacted as strongly as they did.

Counter-terrorism expert PAUL BREMER on Fox News Channel the morning a small plane crashed into Milan, Italy's tallest office building. Network news programs were rife with speculation that the crash was a 9/11-style terrorist attack.

Assisting suicide is not medicine.

Assistant Attorney General Robert McCallum, criticizing U.S. District Judge Robert Jones, who ruled that the U.S. Justice Department could not block lethal prescriptions by doctors practicing under Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law.

Ich bin ein New Yorker. This is our nod to that.

Laura Ziskin, producer of the movie Spider-Man, on the decision after 9/11 to add a scene to the movie in which a New Yorker says to a villain, "You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us."

It's lost all of its conservatism.

U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, on Texas A&M University. Mr. DeLay raised the ire of liberals when he advised a Texas audience not to send children to Baylor or Texas A&M because of their liberalism.

It's an inherently dangerous business.

Maj. Bryan Hilferty, spokesman for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, after an American F-16 fighter mistakenly attacked Canadian soldiers taking part in a live-fire training exercise in Afghanistan.