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Dispatches Quotables

I'm worried about the kind of cuts he might make in domestic programs that mean something to a lot of people, including members of my family, who depend on certain things from the government.

Multimillionaire actress Sarah Jessica Parker, in The Washington Post, on her concerns about the incoming Bush administration. The Post reported that Ms. Parker's comment drew nearly 100 angry e-mail responses, wondering why the Sex in the City star doesn't take care of her family.

I view cops as enemy officers.

Newly elected New Hampshire State Representative Tom Alciere, in the Valley News of Lebanon (N.H.), after statements he has made calling for the killing of police officers surfaced. The GOP lawmaker acknowledges posting the comment, "Nobody will ever be safe until the last cop is dead," on an Internet chat site in 1999. State Republican Chairman Steve Duprey said he should renounce his views or resign. Mr. Alciere refuses to do so.

If you build it, we will burn it.

The Earth Liberation Front, in a statement claiming responsibility for the burning of three luxury houses under construction on Long Island.

The radical group, which opposes "sprawl," claims it set off a small explosive device during New Year's Eve weekend that caused up to $30,000 in damage to each home. No one was injured. The Long Island Builders Institute offered a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

ELF members remain anonymous.

Somebody is going to have to ask me.

Newly elected Pulaski County (Ark.) Circuit Judge Willard Proctor Jr., on whether he would consider withdrawing from presiding over the disbarment case of Bill Clinton, who appointed Mr. Proctor to a state office in 1992. Prosecutors have suggested that he has a conflict of interest."If they file motions requesting that I recuse," said Mr. Proctor, "then I will consider those motions."

Don't fool yourself.

University of Vermont smoking expert John R. Hughes, commenting on a study by the Mayo Clinic, which found that smokers gained no health benefit from cutting their smoking in half instead of quitting completely.