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Dispatches Quotables

What I would like my epitaph to say is simply that 'He was a good priest.'

New York Cardinal John O'Connor, before his death. Cardinal O'Connor, a former rear admiral and chief of Navy chaplains who was known for his steadfast opposition to abortion, died last week at the age of 80.

Morally, we did the right thing.

Mississippi State Senator David Jordan (D-Greenwood), on the legislature's vote to ban homosexual couples from adopting children. Last week, Mississippi became the third state to enact such a ban.

Sometimes Christians think that we can't run on what we believe and win. This shows that we can.

U.S. House candidate Michael Bailey, on his upset victory last week in the Republican primary in Indiana's Ninth Congressional District. Mr. Bailey, who is in his fourth run for the seat, is known for running graphic pro-life campaign ads.

It's something that started out small and got out of hand.

Attorney Michael Pancer, lawyer for John Marino, who pleaded guilty to federal charges for his role in a ring that shipped fake sports and celebrity memorabilia around the country.

Authorities seized fake items that bore the names of numerous famous people, including a baseball supposedly signed by Mother Teresa.

He said, 'I'm Craig Livingstone. I'm a victim of Filegate.' I'm thinking, 'That's Washington. Even the limo driver was involved in a Clinton scandal.'

George magazine's Jeffrey Podalsky, in the New York Post, on discovering that the man driving him to a Washington airport was the former White House security chief who was fired for improperly asking the FBI to turn over secret background files on more than 400 Republican staffers.