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Dispatches Quotables

They're nice. But you see the English drinking, and they drink a lot. It could heat up.

Mohammed Abdel-Loubab, 15, of Toulouse, France, the morning after nearly 2,000 riot police fended off drunken British soccer fans in town on the eve of a World Cup soccer match between England and Romania. The previous day, a French policeman was beaten into a coma with an iron bar by a rioting German soccer fan.

I feel almost that I've lost the right to look at a child, that I've lost the right to tell a mother that her child is beautiful, or to coo at a baby. And I do feel a stigma.

Louise Woodward, the British au pair convicted of manslaughter in the death of 8-month-old Matthew Eappen. She made the remarks in an interview with the BBC.

I do not wish to be oppressed.

Vincent Bethell, leader of the Campaign for the Destruction of Society, after being arrested outside the House of Lords in London for conducting a protest in the nude.

I consider it luck. It's not so much like fate as the Russian way of looking at it. Or damnation.

American astronaut Michael Foale, one year after he was stranded in space aboard the Russian space station Mir, which collided with a cargo ship on June 25, 1997, and was left without power. He returned safely to Earth last October.

They're what we call the would-be kings of the world.

Chris Hendricks, director of marine operations for Spirit Cruises, on his company's beefing up of deckhand security to stop passengers from mimicking Titanic's "king of the world" scene, in which the star climbed out on the prow and spread his arms out wide. In June, a woman fell to her death trying to reenact another Titanic scene.