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Dispatches Quotables

We seek to be in business with the best and most creative talent we can find. We then try to give them freedom to do their best work. We try not to censor them, and I will always defend the right of talented artists who work for us to push the limits of their imagination.

Defiant Disney CEO MICHAEL EISNER, in the company's annual report to shareholders, making it clear that he would not be swayed by boycotts from Southern Baptists and other Christians or by criticism from any quarter.

Careful research and prior experience has led us to conclude that we cannot count on this group to uphold the standards of appropriate behavior expected of visitors to the Cayman Islands, so we regrettably cannot offer our hospitality.

THOMAS C. JEFFERSON, minister of tourism for the Cayman Islands, in a letter to Norwegian Cruise Lines denying permission for a passenger ship carrying a homosexual tour group to stop in the island nation.

Through a series of meetings, they hoped to sensitize us to their issues.

Disney spokesman TERRY CURTIN on the company's decision to act on concerns raised by the National Federation of the Blind. Disney's Mr. Magoo, a film about a bumbling vision-impaired man, carries a disclaimer before the credits that says the movie should not be construed as derogatory toward the blind.

I told him he was a fool for smiling for the front page. But I guess you've got to be proud of something.

Logan, Ohio, police officer MATT SPECKMAN, on the arrest of Joseph White, who eluded authorities after he allegedly assaulted a police officer. Law-enforcement officials couldn't find him until they saw him posed for a photograph with his wife and newborn son on the front page of the town's newspaper.

The only thing wrong with him on Friday when I last spoke to him was that Clemson lost to Auburn.

JOHN DeCROSTA, press secretary for 95-year-old Sen. Strom Thurmond, the eldest and longest-serving lawmaker in Washington. Sen. Thurmond had been hospitalized for a respiratory illness.

He is a modern Robin Hood, who not only shares what he earns from robberies, but gives his companions more money and doesn't earn anything himself.

Mexico City Judge MARIA CLAUDIA CAMPUZANO, quoted in a local press account, on why she released one of the five men charged in the Dec. 30 robbery and murder of an American businessman. The suspect freed by Judge Campuzano, Alonso Gonzalez Sanchez, confessed to Mexican police that he was the murderer. U.S. diplomats in Mexico demanded an explanation, and Judge Campuzano said she regretted the "Robin Hood" remark but not releasing the confessed killer.