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Dispatches Quotables

Steady traffic flow in any weather condition.

From promotional material before the new Denver International Airport opened in 1995, two-and-a-half years before a weekend blizzard choked the access road to the airport, leaving hundreds of cars stranded along the road and thousands of passengers unable to leave the airport.

You need at least 20 minutes to negotiate condom use.

Homosexual prostitute KHANTINI SLAHNAIH, at the 4th International Congress on AIDS, complaining that fear of police raids on brothels leads to carelessness and is therefore to blame for the spread of disease.

You took from the natural order-parents are not meant to bury their children. I look at you and I see the face of evil.

Judge CHARLES SIRAGUSA, as he sentenced child murderer Mark Christie to 25 years to life in prison for killing a 4-year-old neighbor.

Special Person Day.

The new name chosen by the Hillsborough, N.J., school board to replace St. Valentine's Day because of its possible religious overtones. The board reiterated last week that Halloween, also a religious holiday, must be replaced by "fall festival celebration."

He denied there was religious persecution. He denied there was a denial of political and rights of speech. He denied there was forced abortion. He denied there was international sale of organs from executed prisoners.

House minority leader RICHARD GEPHARDT, on a congressional breakfast with Mr. Jiang.

You cannot have a system that is half totalitarian and half free. It will not survive.

House Speaker NEWT GINGRICH, recounting the observations he made to Jiang Zemin as he led the Chinese president on a tour of the Capitol, which included a look at a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and a replica of the Magna Carta, the English document that guaranteed civil and political liberties.

An important symbolic step against the old idea that homosexuality is heresy.

BAS KORTMANN, chairman of the Dutch parliamentary committee that approved legislation sanctioning homosexual "marriage" and permitting such couples to adopt children.

On so many issues, China is on the right side of history, and we welcome it. But on this issue, we believe the policy of the government is on the wrong side of history.

PRESIDENT CLINTON, during a joint news conference with Mr. Jiang.