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Dispatches Quotables

Before he went to Promise Keepers, I had filed for divorce-it was that bad. But something dramatic occurred. I sent a frog and got back a prince.

ALETHEA BICKELL of Wichita, Kan.

It would ... be a fallacy in the context of white South Africa to talk about innocent civilians. Militarization made every white citizen a member of the security establishment.

Brig. Gen. DANIEL MOFOKENG, now with the South African military, in testimony to the nation's Truth and Reconciliation Commission's special hearings. Gen. Mofokeng, who during apartheid was a former commander of a nationalist guerrilla army, said he neither regretted nor would apologize for civilian killings.

I was mad.

Attorney General JANET RENO, during her weekly news conference, explaining her frustration over White House delays in turning over subpoenaed videotapes of White House coffees.

Oh, no. That's right. We have not marched together. It was somebody that looked like you.

Actress WHOOPI GOLDBERG to NBC television personality Katie Couric, in an exchange about a pro-abortion march, during a Today show interview promoting Ms. Goldberg's new book. Ms. Goldberg made a casual aside about her and Ms. Couric's having "marched together" for abortion when Ms. Couric interrupted with, "Nooo. I'm not allowed to do that."

[This] absurd UN charade ... [is] a perfect example of why the United Nations is looked upon with such disdain by the American people.

Sen. JESSE HELMS, in a letter to U.S. ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson, complaining about a UN investigator's critical probe of capital punishment in America. The investigator, Bacre Waly Ndiaye, says some American murderers have been sentenced to death after proceedings "which fall short of international guarantees for a fair trial."

We've sort of enjoyed the notoriety.

NANCY CONNOLLY-the great-great-granddaughter of Kate O'Leary, whose famous cow supposedly kicked over a lantern that sparked The Great Chicago Fire-concerning a city alderman's hearings on whether it's time for the city to exonerate Mrs. O'Leary for the October 1871 blaze.

This is illegal? I thought you could do anything in San Francisco.

Swiss tourist identified in a San Francisco Chronicle story only as MARTA, expressing surprise that it is unlawful in America's most permissive big city to have an alcoholic beverage on the sidewalk.

The White House can be criticized for its policy of dribbling admissions, but Ms. Reno is ultimately the victim of her own incuriosity.

From a NEW YORK TIMES editorial.