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Be true to your school

We received an avalanche of letters in response to the column, "A crazy idea: The tragedy of American college education" (Aug. 23/30). Many of the letters endorsed particular Christian schools. Brief excerpts from those letters follow. Other letters brought up negatives as well as positives concerning non-Christian and Christian schools. Excerpts from those will be featured in the Remarkable Providences column both this week and the next two. We regret not being able to answer each letter personally or print more from each, but the body of interest has led us to open up a new segment of the WORLD website, the WORLD college forum. To read the letters in their entirety (except for segments containing hearsay or libelous material), go to - ,

Taylor University

I am a student at Taylor University and I am proud to say that this is a school where faith and learning are still being integrated and where students love the Lord. - Jennifer Andrews, Taylor University

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University comes as close to a true Christian university "without drift" as you will find. - Robert Foster, M.D., Roxboro, N.C.

Southwestern AOG

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God College (now University) in Waxahachie, Texas, in the spring of 1994. These were the best four years of my life, both because I learned so much about the Bible and the church and because I developed there into a Christian adult. - Aaron Morgan,

Wheaton College

I don't want to say too much about Wheaton. I'm afraid the applicant pool will grow and my other two children won't be able to get in. I think Wheaton deserves praise for what it is doing. I don't think my son could be at a better place. - Hal Moorman, Brenham, Texas

Covenant College

Covenant College encourages thinking on the part of the student without filling their minds with "politically correct" vagaries and empty twaddle! - Julie Wilson, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Oklahoma Baptist

I am heartened by some of our Baptist colleges, such as Oklahoma Baptist, and Southwest (Mo.) Baptist University and am wary of others. - Roger Roberts, Wichita, Kan.

Home college

I'm writing to recommend home college. This well-established homeschool track was pioneered by Joyce Swann, one of the contributing editors of Practical Homeschooling. - Garth McPherson,

Biola University

I am proud to say that of all the Christian universities that have watered down their commitment to Christ, Biola cannot be counted among them. - Lori Shanebeck, Fullerton, Calif.

Gutenberg College

Gutenberg College, a small biblically based liberal arts college in Eugene, Ore., offers one curriculum: an intense, discussion-based study of the "great books." I know that what I find at Gutenberg is unique. - Dinah Austin, Gutenberg College

Pensacola Christian College

I suggest that Pensacola Christian College is one of the best environments to prepare the mind and the soul for his service. - Andrew Zahn, Pensacola Christian College

Bryan College

Bryan College in Dayton, Tenn., must be one of the few schools left where a true Christian, liberal arts education is provided. - Julie Emmons, Graham, N.C.

Cedarville College

There were only two schools in the nation, to our knowledge, offering a pre-med major and holding a literal six-day creation position. Cedarville College in Cedarville, Ohio, near Columbus,was one of the two. - Jan Jaskilka , Eugene , Ore.

Belhaven College

I went to Belhaven College in Jackson, Miss., and was pleased with the whole experience. The focus of the college has remained solidly devoted to being an excellent and truly Christian college. - Liz Stephan,