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The Republicans' big-budget show ... may have the suspense of a network rerun and the tedium of a calculus lecture.

Democratic National Committee spokesman STEVE LANGDON, on the Democrats' strategy of preemptively releasing bad news about campaign-finance abuses before the Senate investigative committee airs them publicly.

Did Tyson bite off more than he can chew?" -Salt Lake Tribune "Earmarks of cowardice" -Houston Chronicle "A two-bit bout: Holyfield wins" -Kansas City Star "From champ to chomp" -Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) "Sucker munch" -The Sun (London) and from the Philadelphia Daily News :"Pay-per-chew

Headlines in various newspapers following the Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield boxing rematch

A new seamless service without medical drama or moral censure.

TIM BLACK, chief executive of the British pro-abortion group Marie Stopes International, describing a new service the group will sponsor, lunch-hour abortions for busy working women. The quickie abortion, for women 12 weeks pregnant or less, is carried out in a "treatment chair" and is complete in three to four minutes using a local anesthetic.

The health and vitality of the arts community must be nurtured, must be strengthened, and now is not the time to turn our backs on it.

Sen. ALPHONSE D'AMATO (R-N.Y.), who in 1989 denounced the National Endowment for the Arts by ripping up a catalog showing the work of Andres Serrano, an NEA grant recipient. Mr. D'Amato then said federal funding for "such trash [was] shocking, abhorrent, and completely undeserving."

At that point, she asked me, 'Was Dr. Robertson praying for you?' I was shocked. I asked when it had become illegal to thank someone for their prayers.

Former U.S. Senate candidate OLIVER NORTH, describing an interview with three Federal Election Commission lawyers investigating whether the Christian Coalition violated campaign laws. Tax-exempt organizations cannot support candidates for public office.

People are using the handover as a big celebration. Everyone is very euphoric, but everyone knows it can swing either way.

Hong Kong resident YEE LAW, in The Washington Post

This would be the ultimate in a fast economy, you have fast food and now you can have a fast abortion.

British pro-life activist JOSEPHINE QUINTAVALLE.