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Dispatches Quotables

It's more trade.

Canadian Prime Minister JEAN CHRETIEN, during a Rose Garden news conference, in answer to a reporter's question about the problem of illegal drugs coming north across the U.S. border. He reconsidered the glib answer when he noticed a shocked look on President Clinton's face. Mr. Chretien, who is deaf in his right ear, quickly corrected himself: "I heard 'trucks.' I'm sorry."

He hit it to 10 feet and said, 'That's good.' ... You have to understand, he doesn't have time to play.... So when he misses a shot, he doesn't want to look for the ball.... I only look for mine because my name is on them and I don't want to leave them lying around." --Professional golfer GREG "The Shark" NORMAN on President Clinton's liberal use of "gimmes" on the links. "Essentially, this is sort of the final nail in men's coffins. Men are now totally irrelevant, if this [cloning] is in fact true and possible and becomes routine. Men are going to have a very hard time justifying their existence on the planet, I think.

Lesbian columnist ANN NORTHROP, who writes for LGNY, a gay publication in New York.

The readers are aging with the owners. They're not keeping up with the fantasies of youth.

Media consultant MARTIN S. WALKER, commenting in The New York Times on the declining interest in pornographic magazines, which are losing out to pornographic videos.

The only mystery is why Americans, Christian or not, showed such callousness to Christian persecution in China, other Communist countries, and some Muslim countries. American businessmen may have feared closing off markets or oil contracts, but that does not excuse them, and certainly not the rest of us. The time of our apathy may be ending.

A.M. ROSENTHAL in The New York Times.

'Day Care Study Offers Reassurance to Working Parents' --The Washington Post, April 4.

'Day Care Study Provides 'Cautionary Note' to Mothers: Second Report in Multiyear Research Finds Lower Maternal Sensitivity' --The Washington Times, April 5.

'Day Care Not Harmful to Growth or Bonding' --USA Today, April 4. 'Study Says Day Care Affects Bonding But Not Learning' --Los Angeles Times, same day.

Headlines announcing the results of a federal government study on the effects of day care on children and parents, as reported by the Media Research Center

I have no doubt that if Rush Limbaugh or Pat Buchanan or Ollie North ever got real power, there would be concentration camps and mass death.

Beat poet ALLEN GINSBERG in an August 1994 article in Progressive magazine. Mr. Ginsberg died last week.