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Dispatches Quotables

Do you feel comfortable with that?

U.S. Rep. BOB INGLIS (R-S.C.), asking pro-abortion witness Renee Chelian her opinion of the partial-birth abortion procedure, which involves stabbing an unborn child in the back of the neck with medical scissors and suctioning out the brains. Mr. Inglis asked her to hold a plastic model of a 20-week-old unborn child and a pair of scissors while she considered her answer. After refusing to answer and changing the subject, Ms. Chelian returned the plastic model and said, "Here's your baby back, sir."

I got mad because everyone who saw me asked me where I got my haircut and if the one who did it was still alive.

ROMEO ADRALES, quoted in the Philippine Star newspaper after police say he stabbed his barber to death with a butcher knife. A popular wisecrack in the Philippines to make fun of a bad haircut is, "Is the barber still alive?" Mr. Adrales is charged with murder.

We don't need evidence. We know it to be true.

RICHARD DAWKINS, professor of zoology at Oxford University, in a speech at Washington University in St. Louis. Mr. Dawkins was explaining his intellectual commitment to Darwinian evolution as the explanation of human origins.

I'm obviously dropping my impartiality here.

Former CBS news anchor WALTER CRONKITE, once regarded as the most trusted man in America, on his new role as fundraiser for the religious left. In a direct-mail appeal for money for the Interfaith Alliance, Mr. Cronkite denounced the Christian Coalition as a "genuinely radical movement known as the religious right wing." Also in his attack letter, Mr. Cronkite complained that the coalition "encourages deep hostility toward those who disagree with its agenda."

The only way I can explain it is that what they thought they were doing is being courteous.

HILLARY CLINTON, attempting to explain why her top aide, Maggie Williams, accepted a $50,000 check made out to the Democratic National Committee from a man described by a Clinton aide as a "hustler." The money supposedly was returned.

We hope to do it within the next several months.

Democratic National Committee spokesman AMY WEISS TOBE, explaining that the DNC refund checks aren't even in the mail yet. The DNC announced Feb. 28 that $1.5 million in improper or illegal donations will be returned to 77 donors; no specific date was mentioned.

A slap in the face by the most powerful office in the country.

Letter from the Anne Arundel County (Md.) Mobile Home Owners' Association, complaining to the White House about an aide's characterization of sexual harassment plaintiff Paula Jones as a "trailer-park floozy."