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Dispatches Quotables

Some people say there's not enough generosity to take care of all needs; therefore, we need government. That proposition differs little from saying that if people do not give enough voluntarily, then government intimidation, threats, and coercion should be used to take their money. Good people must ask if that proposition should serve as the foundation for a moral society.

Syndicated columnist WALTER WILLIAMS.

We're on a one-game winning streak.

Freshman basketball player DAWAN BOXLEY of the Rutgers-Camden Pioneers, after his team snapped a five-year, 117-game losing streak by defeating Bloomfield College 77-72.

The good times of the holidays are over, all the good spirits went up the chimney. People have come back down to earth and they say, 'Well, let's get on with our lives.'

Divorce lawyer RAOUL FELDER, a New York attorney with 37 years' experience in the field of divorce, who says January is the leading month for divorces in the United States.

It's very difficult to be an African-American male, and have an African-American son who is going to be 18 years of age, and hear things like cops want to crack down and send more to prison, to hear calls for tougher statutes, less welfare, less programs for the poor, and less things for people of color. If that says I'm not conservative, so be it.

BRYANT GUMBEL, two days before his retirement from NBC's Today, on criticism that he is a liberal.

Believable evidence.

Newsweek's EVAN THOMAS, in an eight-page Jan. 13 cover story that took seriously Paula Jones's claim of sexual harassment against President Clinton. (See WORLD cover story, April 30, 1994.) In the article, Mr. Thomas conceded that he once scorned Ms. Jones, dismissing her as &quotsome sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks." That statement, Mr. Thomas said, displayed an &quotelitist attitude [that] was widely shared by the establishment press."

I want my daughter to read the Bible, but I will explain to her that these are stories that people made up to teach people--it's not the rule.

Pop-music icon and actress MADONNA, on how she will train up her daughter, Lourdes, in the way she should go.

Soccer mom.

Voted &quotword of the year" for 1996 by the American Dialect Society. &quotSoccer mom" was the politically correct term for the well-to-do suburban white women whose votes both Republicans and Democrats sought in the November election. Selected as the most useful word of the year was &quotdot," used to describe the period in Internet addresses (i.e., &quotAOL dot com").