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Dispatches Quotables

There is no right to die.

Supreme Court Justice ANTONIN SCALIA, speaking Oct. 18 at Catholic University's School of Philosophy. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that will decide whether there is a "right to die" implied in the U.S. Constitution.

We've grown up. We can't have everybody just doing their own thing in the streets anymore.

Berkeley, Calif., Mayor SHIRLEY DEAN, saying she supports the prosecution of two female "performance artists," who roam the city's streets topless.Mayor Dean said Berkeley's tolerance of anything and everything is no longer practical: The city council has approved ordinances against loitering and panhandling.

Government that can't deliver the mail, but that can't stop delivering condoms to 8-year-olds.

Columnist GEORGE F. WILL, at the Barry Goldwater Institute, criticizing the priorities of modern government.

Where do we define human life? I'm saying that it's an issue that we have not wrestled with, and I'm saying that perhaps it is time.

Texas state Rep. JOHN A. LONGORIA (D-San Antonio), announcing he will introduce a bill providing more protection for unborn babies. Texas law defines a "person" as one "who has been born and is alive." The issue has won national notoriety because a jury two weeks ago convicted a drunk driver of manslaughter for killing a woman's unborn child in a car collision. Prosecutors were helped by the fact that the baby was born before she died from injuries sustained in the crash.

We always welcome you in this country, Mikhail Gorbachev.... And we offer our very best, of course, to Raisa Gorbachev and we hope that you'll have a long and happy life. Perhaps one day again we'll see you in political office in Russia. We know that you've devoted your life to peace and to changing your country and those of us who have gotten to know you count ourselves among the privileged.

NBC Nightly News anchor TOM BROKAW on MSNBC's Internight interview program.

I do think a presidential visit boosts up a candidate for up to a week. It's a little like Chinese food--it wears off quickly.

White House political director DOUG SOSNIK, explaining President Clinton's effect on congressional races.

Let's put it this way: Mount Rushmore is safe. There will be no additional blasting on Mount Rushmore if the first Clinton administration is any indication of what's to come.

University of Virginia political analyst LARRY SABATO.