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Dispatches Quotables

I would've thought of something more original.

Whitewater felon James McDougal, who is cooperating with Whitewater prosecutors, denying a report that he sees himself as "Bill Clinton's 'Brutus.'"

I'm especially proud to be the first president ever to endorse a civil rights bill that specifically includes gay and lesbian Americans. . . . I thank each and every one of you for your courage and commitment to making America a better place for all Americans. Thank you for your support, and God bless you.

President BILL CLINTON, in remarks to the OutVote '96 Convention, held in Chicago August 17 by the homosexual-advocacy organization Human Rights Campaign.

It is demeaning to the nation that within the Clinton administration a corps of the elite who never grew up, never did anything real, never sacrificed, never suffered, and never learned should have the power to fund with your earnings their dubious and self-serving schemes.

Republican presidential nominee BOB DOLE, in his nomination acceptance speech, criticizing Clinton administration officials.

Most of us feel a little weird or edgy about killing people.

JOHN H. ROH, a resident at New York University Medical Center, quoted by Anesthesiology News reacting to a federal court ruling declaring physician-assisted suicide legal in New York state. Dr. Roh supports the ruling but said that because "in some respects it is against our nature as professionals," it might be difficult to find many doctors willing to kill their patients.

It's no fun to look at someone you've ministered with side by side and say, 'You're a heretic, Dick.' But if I have to offend Christ or offend Dick, it's a clear issue, because Christ permits no equals.

Rev. STEVEN SMALLEGAN, a member of the Reformed Church in America court that censured Michigan minister Richard Rhem, who refused to recant his belief that non-Christians can be saved. Rev. Rhem, however, was not defrocked.

You cannot have sins forgiven by the push of a button.

A spokesman for the German conference of Catholic Bishops, reacting to a new computer software offering that provides "confession by computer." According to the sales literature, "As soon as the sin is selected on the basis of the Ten Commandments, the computer searches out an appropriate penance."

I would have slapped him a lot harder.

Oklahoma Gov. FRANK KEATING, expressing his support for a local police officer who slapped and broke the nose of a boy he caught in his home having sex with his 17-year-old daughter. The officer, John Jerkins, was demoted from sergeant to patrolman and docked $705 in pay and $350 a month in pension benefits.